About Vale

About Vale

Who we are

Some figures

1st place
in global production of iron ore, pellets and nickel

348.8 million
metric tons of iron ore produced

metric tons of nickel produced

46.2 million
metric tons of iron ore pellets produced

We believe in a more sustainable world and always seek care and respect for our planet.

Some numbers from the report

US$5.5 billion
of investments

8.2 thousand
km² of protected
natural areas

of local hiring

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Vision and Values

We are committed to generating prosperity with respect for people and the environment.

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Vale across
the world

We are a private-sector, publicly traded company, headquartered in Brazil and present in around 30 countries around the world.



We trust in the transformative potential of culture and knowledge.

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We are partners of international and regional organizations, participating in discussions about environmental and commercial policies, among other things.

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