Record: Vale breaks production barrier of 100 Mt of iron ore in a quarter

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Record: Vale breaks production barrier of 100 Mt of iron ore in a quarter

Production Report

Vale's Production and Sales Report for the third quarter of this year (3Q18) confirms another production record. Published on October 15th, the document informs that 104.9 Mt of iron ore were produced against 96.8 Mt in the second quarter of 2018. Compared to the third quarter of 2017, the increase was 10.3%. As a result, Vale reaches a production rate of 400 Mt per year.

We also hit a new record in iron ore and pellet sales: 98.2 Mt in the third quarter, 4.7 Mt above the previous record in the last quarter of last year (4Q17). Premium products made up 79% of total sales in 3Q18 (vs. 77% in 2Q18), showing that Vale's superior product portfolio - with high iron content - continued to improve.

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Iron ore

Iron Ore and pellets

  • Quarterly iron ore production totaled 104.9 Mt in 3Q18
  • Production 10.3% higher than in 3Q17
  • The share of premium products increased to 79% in 3Q18
  • The Northern System reached a new quarterly record of 53.9 Mt, being 7.7 Mt above the previous quarter (2Q18)
  • Pellets production was record for a quarter: 13.9 Mt, 8.1% higher than in 2Q18 and 8,7% higher than 3Q17

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  • Nickel production achieved 55.7t in the third quarter, with sales of 57.3 t
  • Sudbury operations, in Canada, did its scheduled maintenance shutdown
  • Production from the Onça Puma operation reached 6,100 t in 3Q18, 8.9% higher than 2Q18
  • Nickel production is expected to increase to about 60.000 t in 4Q18

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  • Coal production totaled 3.2 Mt in 3Q18
  • Production 11.3% higher than in 2Q18
  • Sales Sales totaled 3.2 Mt, 27.3% higher than 2Q18

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  • The production was 3,400 t lower that in 2Q18, reflecting the annual scheduled maintenance shutdown in Sudbury and the strategic decision to decrease mine production at Voisey's Bay to extend the mine lifespan to match the Voisey´s Bay Mine Extension. Copper production reached 97,900 t in 2Q18
  • Copper was 4,600 t higher that in 1Q18, due to the return to production of Sudbury's Coleman mine in April and the strong performance of the Salobo operation.

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3Q18 Financial Report

On October 24th, we will release our 3Q18 Financial Report. On October 25th, after the report has been released, some of our key executives will participate in webcasts with investors to present the quarter’s results.


Record: Vale breaks production barrier of 100 Mt of iron ore in a quarter