Vale establishes an Executive Board to accelerate compensation for affected people

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Vale establishes an Executive Board to accelerate compensation for affected people

The purpose is to address the events and humanize the relationship with the communities. The reports about the actions will be forwarded directly to the company's president.

Vale announces the creation of the Special Executive Board for Recovery and Development, whose mission is to ensure focus on structuring actions that involve repairing the damages caused by the breach of Dam I in Brumadinho (Minas Gerais). The new structure will coordinate the actions of socioeconomic and environmental recovery of the municipalities affected by the tragedy. The new director, Marcelo Klein, is the engineer who was already coordinating the Immediate Response Group and the person responsible for consolidating all emergency actions.

Klein will directly report to Vale's CEO, Eduardo Bartolomeo, and will participate in weekly meetings of the Executive Board to account and discuss the progress of the initiatives. Direct reporting will ensure the speed and flexibility required for recovery actions. Thus, the new structure represents an evolution in relation to the Immediate Response Group.

Klein explains that "The challenge is to move from emergency to permanent recovery. This Executive Board is Special because it was mobilized due to the breach. It aims at Recovery because we must repair what has been destroyed, and it focus on Development, which must occur from now on."

The new Executive Board will be responsible for all social, humanitarian, environmental, and structural recovery actions to be carried out in Brumadinho and in the 16 municipalities along Paraopeba river up to Retiro Baixo dam (Minas Gerais). The coordination of actions with communities in the Self-Rescue Zone and Secondary Safety Zone of the dams, which have the emergency level raised to 2 or 3, is also under its responsibility.

The new director explains that "The main focus is the quick recovery, and that includes commitment to a promising future that enables people to redeem their dignity. Then, social listening is very important; that is, we need to know what the affected people expect. We cannot think we already know their needs. Recovery does not involve money very much, but it is very closely related to assistance of people. The material indemnification is important, but the redefinition of a new perspective of life is much more."


Graduated in Chemical Engineering at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and Industrial Chemistry at PUC-RJ, Marcelo Klein is 51 years old and works at Vale for 27 years. In the company, he has already worked for some areas, such as quality control, operation, planning, process design, corporate strategy, and continuous improvement. Before joining the Special Executive Board for Recovery and Development, he held the position of Operational Improvement executive manager.

He has always had his work associated to the development of people. He says he enjoys solving problems by breaking down the hierarchy culture to face the challenges. On January 26, the day after the breach of Dam I, at Córrego do Feijão mine, Klein was required to assist the victims at the Knowledge Center in Brumadinho. Soon, he took over the Immediate Response Group. "I spent two weeks experiencing the most dramatic situations, assisting people and providing instructions at a time whose dimensions were not yet fully understood," he says.  Now, his mission, as he says, is to actively listen to the people affected, thus giving legitimacy over the long-term recovery project of impacted areas.

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Vale establishes an Executive Board to accelerate compensation for affected people