Mining by Women: check out the stories of Women with Disabilities who are transforming Vale

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Mining by Women: check out the stories of Women with Disabilities who are transforming Vale

Representativeness matters. And Vale has invested increasingly more to create an environment which is not only diverse, but inclusive and welcoming as well.

To reflect the environment we are building, last year we created web series “Mining by Women”, which brings testimonials from women who work in our units around the world to show that mining is also space for women. The third episode of the second season shows that people with disabilities are gaining space in the industry increasingly more – or rather, they are changing mining and helping to make us a really inclusive company. And we have a lot of stories that have to be told

Today, we invited four more female employees to talk about their experience and inspiring stories as women with disabilities working in mining in Brazil.

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Anelisa Moura, Master Engineer – Minas Gerais/BR
At age of 42 and with background of almost two decades as a planning and control engineer, Anelisa Moura joined Vale´s team two months ago by means of a selective process for people with disabilities.

This was the first time I applied for a position for people with disabilities. I participated in dynamics with 10 applicants and no one exposed their disability, but their professional qualifications. I think this is very important, because when it comes to vacancies for disabled, many people stick to intellectual disability, which does not apply to physically disabled people. It is an opportunity for us to show that the physical does not interfere with our reasoning and learning power in any way.”
Cheron Mauricio, Maintenance Technical Assistant – Mato Grosso do Sul/BR  
At the age of 38, the maintenance technical assistant Cheron Mauricio joined Vale 3 months ago and already notices that inclusion is taken into account, because she knows that any kind of problem reported will be duly handled. Furthermore, she emphasizes that there is structure to overcome the barriers.

Right here in industrial maintenance, where I work, a reform has been recently made aiming at improvement and adaptation of the work environment. (...) I have all transport support to take me where I have to go.”
Cheron Mauricio, Maintenance Technical Assistant – Mato Grosso do Sul/BR  
Izabel Gonçalves, Information technology analyst – São Paulo/BR  
Izabel Gonçalves, 43, is information technology analyst and has been at Vale since the beginning of 2021. As a woman and a person with disability, she has always tried to transform the places where she has been, and at Vale, she identifies that inclusion is part of the culture as a commitment of the leadership.

I had no doubts that I could work in mining, because when I took the electronics technical course, there were only two women who graduated at that time, and I was the only person with disability. I knew it would be challenging, but I gad faith. At Vale, I learned that we are a team and inclusion actually happens, because we work together with a purpose to transform the future.”
Mirele Alves, Laboratory Operator I – Pará/BR   
Mirele Alves, 36, has been in the Development and Process Control team for 2 months and sees that there is consideration, experience and respect in relation to accessibility and qualification of people within the company. For her, women have already affirmed their competence in the mining sector, and as a woman and a person with disability, she has no doubts that it is enough to have knowledge and opportunity, because all women are capable.

Every day I learn something new and I get support from the team and the process administration and quality control management for base metals. I am very proud.”
Mirele Alves, Laboratory Operator I – Pará/BR   

“Mining by Women” is part of our commitment to investing in an increasingly more pluralistic environment. We are committed to doubling the representation of women in the company and the results have already started to show up. An example is the selection process for the Professional Qualification Program opened in May this year, which reserved 188 places exclusively for women and people with desabilities. .

Don´t miss the second season of the web series and learn about the examples of female employees who form Vale´s team in Brazil and around the world. Remembering that this season, we will address the topics of pioneering, ethnic-racial diversity, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+, young talents and leadership, always from the point of view of women at different positions and locations.

Check out more stories of inspiring women on the special page of Mining by Women. Access

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Mining by Women: check out the stories of Women with Disabilities who are transforming Vale