Mining pioneers: Mining By Women premieres 2nd season

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Mining pioneers: Mining By Women premieres 2nd season


Starting a career in a sector initially considered as male domain is a challenge that Manoela Isidro, Vivian Parreira, Kamylle Santos, Nur Saadah Hasbullah know well. Pioneers in the mining industry, they premiere the second season of the webseries Mining By Women, a project conceived and directed by women to tell their stories to one and all.

Discover the women from our first episode and what they do

foto de manoela isidro  

“I have been at Vale for 14 years and, for half of that time, I have been led by women. These women held positions that, in other companies, were mostly held by men. This showed me that we are not limited and helped me to put into perspective the possibilities I would have within the company [...] It was important to be inspired by them not to give up and to remember that it is possible to face challenges within this environment that is considered masculine and succeed.”

Manoela Isidro, Risk Insurance master analyst Saint-Prex, Switzerland

“At no time did it ever cross my mind to be a machinist [...] Almost all my colleagues – men – on the other hand, had dreamed of being machinists since they were little [...] This project serves to show that there are more doors to be opened, not just the ones we are used to seeing.”

Vivian Parreira, Railway Operation supervisor São Luís, Maranhão

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foto de kamylle santos  

“I was talking to some colleagues who said that in the past you didn’t see many women in the operational areas of the company, only in the offices, but then they started to occupy these spaces [...] I started here at Vale at the age of 21, in 2010, and I was the first intern and first technician in Geoprocessing at ports throughout the company. I am very happy to have arrived here and hope to inspire other women.” 

Kamylle Santos, Geoprocessing technician II Tubarão Terminal, Espírito Santo

“I’m the only female worker in my team and my goal is to continue in this field and improve the quality of my work. [...] My family supports my career path and my colleagues give me a lot of guidance. I love my job and hope more women out there want to venture into this sector.” 

Nur Saadah Hasbullah, Warehouse assistant Teluk Rubiah Maritime Terminal, Lumut, Perak 

foto de nur saadah hasbullah  

A pioneer at a time when it was extremely rare to find women in the job market, Celina Coelho joined the Vitória-Minas Railway in 1928 as a typist. She subsequently became a sub-secretary and was part of the first team at Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (CVRD). In a statement published in newspaper “O Minério,” Coelho discussed her 37-year career at the company.

You can read the whole statement here.

Starting this Friday, August 6, you will be able to learn about stories of women who inspire, working in technical, operational and management areas at Vale in Brazil and around the world. Throughout the episodes, we will address the themes of pioneering, ethnic-racial diversity, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+, young talents and leadership.

The videos were produced during the pandemic, respecting all prevention and social distancing recommendations. The first season of Mining By Women received more than 20 million views in its six episodes. Throughout each video, knowing each example of success, from operation to leadership, the professionals show that mining is an industry for everyone.

The webseries is part of a set of Vale initiatives aimed at doubling female representation by 2030, operating in a truly inclusive environment.

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Mining pioneers: Mining By Women premieres 2nd season