Mozambique: Nacala Logistics donates medicines

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Mozambique: Nacala Logistics donates medicines

Nacala Logistics, a company in the logistics corridor in which Vale is a member, donated more than 10,000 units of medicines to the Provincial Social Affairs Services (SPAS) of Nampula. This donation aims to increase the availability of drugs for the treatment of symptoms of the new coronavirus.

They are mostly analgesics and injectable antibiotics, delivered in a package that includes considerable amounts of ceftriaxone, hydrocortisone, azithromycin, amoxicillin, paracetamol and other important drugs to improve the clinical status of patients.

At the delivery ceremony, which took place at the beginning of the month, Selma Xavier, Chief Medical Officer of the SPAS in Nampula, considered this to be a valuable aid to the province, as it will benefit hospitalized patients due to the pandemic.

"This donation comes in a timely context, as there is an increase in positive cases in Nampula. Currently, we have 15 patients hospitalized in Nampula and 4 in Nacala, and the drugs received will also be sent to the Covid-19 treatment center in Nacala ", informed the SPAS Chief Medical Officer in Nampula.

Recently, Nacala Logistics delivered hospital equipment that includes vacuum cleaners, infusion pumps, suction tubes, multi-parametric vital sign monitors, alcohol-gel, observation gloves, beds and mattresses, in Nacala. This equipment is already at the service of 11 district health units.

With these actions, Nacala Logistics puts into practice one of its fundamental values based on the motto "Life First", reiterating the commitment to continue to unite with the public health sector in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic that shakes Mozambique and the world.

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Mozambique: Nacala Logistics donates medicines