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New marine terminal in Malaysia reinforces Vale’s operations in Asian market

To facilitate the shipment of iron ore to the region, we are investing in a distribution centre and port in the country, the Teluk Rubiah Terminal, in the state of Perak. The complex, which should be operational by October of this year, includes an ore storage yard and a marine terminal capable of handling 60 million metric tonnes per year.

The second half of December 2013 saw us reach an important milestone: the Project team successfully concluded tests on the import system equipment, which is now ready to receive shipments of ore. Following construction of the distribution centre and port, Vale has become even more competitive in the Asian market, as its ability to stockpile ore in Malaysia results in faster delivery of the product.

At the present time, a shipment of ore from Brazil can take between 60 and 70 days to reach our Asian clients. Once the port becomes operational, delivery times should be reduced to less than 15 days.

Equipment tested:

6 conveyor belts
Move ore from feeder point to transfer station. From there it is transferred to another conveyor belt and moved to the ore stacker.

5 transfer stations
Transfer point from one conveyor belt to another.

3 ship unloaders
Unload ore from ship and deposit onto conveyor belts.

1 ore stacker
Stacks ore in storage yard.

Sustainable operation

Our commitment to sustainability, which governs all our activities, is also a directive that applies to projects such as the one in Malaysia. During the project preparatory stage, a detailed socio-environmental study assessed the viability of establishing the port in the region. The study was carried out in partnership with government and non-government organizations. The proposals were also debated at meetings with the community. Of the 500 hectares occupied by the Teluk Rubiah Terminal, 250 form part of an environmental preservation area that surrounds the port. Construction operations have proved invaluable in providing for locally sourced labour and boosting the local product supply network and economy. At the same time, Vale is investing in initiatives to promote awareness among the local population and improve infrastructure in affected communities.

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New marine terminal in Malaysia reinforces Vale’s operations in Asian market