Vale Updates Information about Actions on Recovery and Assistance to Affected People

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Vale Updates Information about Actions on Recovery and Assistance to Affected People

Four months after the breach of Dam I at Córrego do Feijão mine, in Brumadinho (Minas Gerais), Vale continues focused on the recovery measures and assistance to all the affected people. Actions include care for people, psychological assistance, medical care, infrastructure repair, financial assistance, indemnities, contributions to institutions that are assisting the company in humanitarian aid, as well as the creation of a new Executive Board for recovery.

Donations: 275 families of the affected people have received R$100,000 each, 100 residents in the Self-Rescue Zone have received R$50,000, and 91 people who had their businesses or rural production affected by the breach have received R$15,000.

Emergency payments:

To date, more than 69,000 residents have received emergency indemnities in 15 municipalities: Brumadinho, Mário Campos, São Joaquim de Bicas, Betim, Juatuba, Igarapé, Florestal, Esmeraldas, Pará de Minas, São José da Varginha, Maravilhas, Fortuna de Minas, Pequi, Paraopeba, and Curvelo. In addition, more than 62,000 appointments were made and more than 93,000 people registered at the emergency Indemnity Registration Centers (PRI, Posto de Registro de Indenização), which were provided by the company in several locations. Aiming at solutions for the emergency issues, the amounts are being deposited after Vale signs a preliminary agreement with the Attorney's Office of the State of Minas Gerais, the Prosecution Office of the State of Minas Gerais, the Public Defender's Office of the State of Minas Gerais, the Federal Attorney's Office, the Federal Prosecution Office, and the Federal Public Defender's Office.

In order to receive the emergency payment, residents must make an appointment at one of the Indemnity Registration Centers to deliver the required documents. Appointments must be made by telephone (0800 888 1182). After this appointment, residents must go to the local Indemnity Registration Center on the date scheduled. For people with mobility issues, a document collection service is available by appointment at one of the local Indemnity Registration Center. Click here for the addresses of all centers and the service hours of each one.

Click here for more information about emergency indemnity payments, items of the preliminary agreement, eligibility, and required documentation.

Individual or family indemnity: Aiming at a fast and fair solution regarding individual damages, Vale has signed, with the Public Defender's Office of Minas Gerais (DPMG, Defensoria Pública de Minas Gerais), an agreement to compensate material and moral damages caused by the breach of Dam I, at Córrego do Feijão mine. This Agreement serves as a parameter for indemnities due to the evacuation of Sul Superior dam, in Barão de Cocais, and B3/B4 dam, in Macacos. Although this direct channel for consensual negotiation has been created, Vale emphasizes that affected people are allowed to choose the most adequate means to seek their rights.

Service locations:

In Brumadinho, the Public Defender's Office is located at Rua Oligisto 197, Bairro Ipiranga, Brumadinho. The service hours are from 10:00am to 12:00 and from 01:00pm to 05:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Those choosing to go to Vale's office will be supported to make the appointment, solve the doubts, and negotiate the indemnities. The Vale office is located at Rua Quintino Bocaiúva, 147. The service hours is from 09:00am to 06:00pm, Monday to Friday. Those interested parties shall be accompanied by lawyers.

In Macacos, those who prefer the consensual negotiation regarding the compensation for material and moral damages, due to the evacuation of B3/B4 Dam at Mar Azul mine, can go to Vale's office at Rua São Luiz, 181, from 09:00am to 06:00pm, Monday to Friday. The interested parties must be accompanied by lawyers or a public defender from the Public Defender's Office.

In Barão de Cocais, those who prefer the consensual negotiation regarding the compensation for material and moral damages, due to the evacuation of Sul Superior dam at Gongo Soco mine, can go to Vale's office at Rua José de Paula, 104, 2nd floor, Bairro Vila Regina, from 09:00am to 06:00pm, Monday to Friday. The interested parties must be accompanied by lawyers or a public defender from the Public Defender's Office.

Support for indigenous people: On Abril 5, Vale signed an agreement with the Federal Prosecution Office, the National Indian Foundation (Funai, Fundação Nacional do Índio), and chiefs of the Pataxó indigenous community located in the city of São Joaquim de Bicas, about 22km from Brumadinho (Minas Gerais), for emergency payments to 150 indigenous people from 46 families. In addition to supporting health and providing independent socioeconomic consultancy services to assess possible impacts on the environment, the agreement also provides the indigenous people with technical advisory services.

Vale has also provided indigenous relations specialists to negotiate with the indigenous people and has supported the community in several institutional actions as well as access to public policies. Vale is working closely with Funai and the Special Indigenous Health Department (SESAI, Secretaria Especial de Saúde Indígena), which has been mediating negotiations for new donations based on the identified needs of the Pataxó indigenous community. Vale reaffirms its respect to indigenous communities and strives to maintain an open and transparent dialogue with these communities and public entities.

Psychological assistance and logistics support: Several services were available at these help centers, including assistance for the families, such as transferring of homeless people to hotels, registration of the families of uncontactable people and deceased people for the R$100,000.00 donation by Vale, distribution (by Civil Defense) of SIM cards for mobile phone to the families, assistance and psychological support, as well as cafeteria with free meals. These centers also deal with the transportation demands for collections scheduled by the Forensic Medical Institute (IML, Instituto Médico Legal), funeral assistance, among other humanitarian assistance services. Vale also uses these units to supply pharmacy items, food, and water to the affected families. Helpline numbers were also created so that the affected population could request emergency support (such as shelter, water, basket of staples, clothing, medicine, and transportation), as well as report uncontactable people or request information about survivors.

Vale offered medical care in private hospitals, specifically in all Unimed and Mater Dei clinics and health care units located in Belo Horizonte, as well as in Felício Rocho and Madre Teresa hospitals (outside Brumadinho, as there are no hospitals in the city, only health care units and clinics). Ten hospitals and health centers are available to assist affected people. In addition, the population has five help centers in Brumadinho, Macacos, and Barão de Cocais, for shelter, support, and supplies. More than 8,500 medical and psychological services have been provided so far.

New Executive Board: Vale created the Special Executive Board for Recovery and Development, whose mission is to ensure focus on structuring actions that involve repairing the damages caused by the breach of Dam I in Brumadinho (Minas Gerais). The new structure will coordinate the actions for socioeconomic and environmental recovery of the municipalities affected by the tragedy. The goal is to understand the situations for a humanized approach to support the communities. The actions will be directly reported to the president of the company. For more information, click here.

Contributions: In order to support the cities, in which Vale's operations have been suspended, and contribute to the maintenance of the essential services offered to the population of the municipalities, the company signed an agreement with the Mining Municipalities Association of Minas Gerais and Brazil (Amig, Associação dos Municípios Mineradores de Minas Gerais e do Brasil) to make financial contributions totaling R$100 million. This action will serve ten municipalities: Barão de Cocais, Belo Vale, Congonhas, Itabirito, Mariana, Nova Lima, Ouro Preto, Rio Acima, São Gonçalo do Rio Abaixo, and Sarzedo.

Vale also signed an agreement with the State Government of Minas Gerais to support community safety through donations made to the Civil Defense and Military Police. For the Civil Defense, the acquisition and donation of drones, search and rescue equipment, 16 vehicles - including box trucks, 4x4 pick-up trucks and a towing platform - as well as professional qualification courses are planned. The investment will total R$5 million. For the Military Police, the agreement establishes the acquisition and transfer of 38 vehicles to operate in an urban area (including districts and towns) as well as ten 4x4 vehicles to operate in rural areas, totaling R$4 million.

On February 18, Vale signed a cooperation agreement with the City Government of Brumadinho, establishing a contribution of R$2.6 million to expand humanitarian assistance in the municipality, which will include multidisciplinary teams to work in health, psychological and social areas, the acquisition of equipment and materials required for the provision of these services, as well as the allocation of 20 vehicles for these specialists' transportation and centers for the emergency assistance.

In addition to the R$6.5 million investment in leading-edge equipment for the Forensic Medical Institute of Belo Horizonte, Vale covered funeral expenses and offered funeral aid to the families of deceased people. These expenses include notary public office expenses, local transportation of the deceased people, urns, ornaments, graves, burial, etc.

On March 15, Vale established a R$20 million contribution for the Military Fire Brigade of Minas Gerais (CBMMG, Corpo de Bombeiros Militar de Minas Gerais), in recognition of the work and heroism of the military firefighters in Brumadinho. R$15 million will be invested in equipment purchase, infrastructure improvements, and professional qualification while R$5 million will be for the construction of installations to aid fire training at the Fire Academy. More than 7,000 pieces of equipment have been donated and extra qualification courses - including technical books and courses abroad - will benefit all 6,000 firefighters in the state. For more information, click here.

Emergency assistance in Mário Campos: Vale and the City Government of Mário Campos signed an agreement on April 24 to ensure assistance to those affected by the breach of the dam at Córrego do Feijão mine in Brumadinho (Minas Gerais). This agreement includes emergency support for the public services regarding social assistance, health, agriculture fostering, and urban cleaning. It establishes the temporary hiring of professionals to work in health, psychological and social care areas, as well as the rental of vehicles and supply of fuel for the this team transportation. The agreement also includes the cleaning of the main roads of the city that borders with Brumadinho. In addition, it was agreed to hire a company, which will be responsible for developing and carrying out the communication plan to stimulate agriculture in Mário Campos and the region.

BR-356 road: Between Km 37 and 40 of BR-356 road, the stretch between Nova Lima, Rio Acima, and Itabirito, the stop-and-go scheme will be replaced by an assisted-operation system, which consists of the two-way traffic and the installation of monitoring stations. This change was defined in an Agreement signed with the State Prosecution Office and mediated by the State Civil Defense and the Highway Patrol, on April 16. The agreement was approved in court. The replacement will result in improvements to the traffic flow and more safety for users, even in the event of a breach. This stretch of the road is in the area that Vargem Grande dam could reach, one of the structures belonging to Vale that is under decharacterization process by the company. For more information, click here.

Alberto Flores bridge: The two-way traffic on the bridge built at Avenida Alberto Flores, in Brumadinho, was opened on April 10. The bridge re-establishes access to the communities of Parque da Cachoeira, Córrego do Feijão, Melo Franco, Marques, Aranha, Palhano, Córrego Ferreira and Casa Branca, among others, from the central area of Brumadinho. The 50-meter long structure - made of concrete and steel - will have a sidewalk, which shall be open by the end of April. All works are being carried out by Vale.

Supplies: More than 130 million liters of water for human and animal consumption as well as agricultural irrigation were distributed to 19 municipalities. With more than 70,000 pharmacy items purchased, the total cost of supplies - including water, equipment, and other logistics costs - already amounts to R$687 million.

Environmental recovery measures: Four months after the breach of Dam I at Córrego do Feijão mine, in Brumadinho (Minas Gerais), data from almost 1 million and 320 thousand analyses of water, soil, tailings, and sediment collected from Paraopeba river indicate that the river can be recovered. The 24-hour turbidity analyses are carried out at five points of the river by means of automatic probes. The environmental recovery depends on a set of actions, including the impoundment of solid tailings near the site where Vale's facilities were once located. Vale is developing a recovery plan for Paraopeba river basin in collaboration with other companies, institutions, and environmental agencies.

Currently, there are 65 monitoring points above the B1 breach area; they are located at Ferro-Carvão stream, Paraopeba and São Francisco rivers, the reservoirs of the Retiro Baixo and Três Marias plants, as well as eight tributary rivers of Paraopeba. Five turbidity curtains are also in operation, three in the region of Pará de Minas and two in the region of Betim/Juatuba. Vale continues to work to rescue fauna.

Details of the environmental measures:

The area impacted by the breach of B1 dam, in Brumadinho (Minas Gerais), was divided into three stretches, in which measures for impoundment and recovery will be carried out. For stretch 1, which is the 10-Km stretch from Dam 1 to the confluence of Ferro-Carvão stream and Paraopeba river in Brumadinho, the actions are:

Impoundment structures: Four structures are under construction to prevent tailings and sediments from flowing to Paraopeba river course. They are two hydraulic barriers to retain sediments, but allow the water flow. The other structure is a dam to impound finer solid material. The works are in progress and shall be complete by the end of this year.

In addition to these structures, a curtain of metal piles was installed near the confluence of Ferro-Carvão stream and Paraopeba river. This measure will allow to clean the river stretch where the highest concentration of sediments is located, as well as to reduce the flow of solids in Paraopeba river course.

Water: A River Water Treatment Plant (ETAF, Estação de Tratamento de Água Fluvial) was installed at the confluence of Ferro-Carvão stream and Paraopeba River. This structure, which is being tested, is intended to reduce the water turbidity and return the treated water to Paraopeba river. The ETAF will be able to treat approximately 2 million liters per hour, which is equivalent to almost 20 Olympic swimming pools per day.

For stretch 2, which is from the confluence of Ferro-Carvão stream and Paraopeba river up to the municipality of Juatuba, the actions are the removal and disposal of all materials flown to the river, such as branches of trees, in an adequate waste disposal area, as well as tailings dredging, water treatment, and water return to Paraopeba.

For stretch 3, which is approximately the 170-Km stretch from Paraopeba river - between Juatuba and Retiro Baixo plant in the municipality of Pompéu and the longer stretch - Vale's actions are intended to reduce tailings flow along Paraopeba river course through the installation of turbidity curtains. So far, five curtains are in operation, three of them in the region of Pará de Minas and two in the municipalities of Juatuba and Betim, before Igarapé thermal power plant. Specific monitoring show that the efficiency of these curtains installed in the river represents a 15% average reduction of the water turbidity levels.

More information:

Vale installs the first impoundment membrane in Paraopeba river

Two impoundment membranes installed by Vale in Paraopeba river are in operation

Paraopeba river: The third tailings impoundment membrane starts operating today

Vale discloses analyses of water and sediment collected from Paraopeba river

Assistance actions in Barão de Cocais

Since February 8, after evacuation of the residents from the Self-Rescue Zone of Sul Superior dam, at Gongo Soco mine in Barão de Cocais (Minas Gerais), about 1,400 medical services have been provided, representing an average of approximately 14 services per day. During this period, around 1,400 medicines were distributed. During the same period, almost 5,700 psychological and social service were provided, representing an average of approximately 59 services per day.

Vale mobilized seven physicians, seven nurses, eight nursing technicians, fifteen psychologists, three social assistants, among other professionals to assist residents from the area evacuated, as well as seven ambulances. Vale is also evaluating the possibilities to meet a request from the City Government of Barão de Cocais to improve the health care of the municipality.

Residents of the Self-Rescue Zone and Secondary Safety Zone have a help center (Wilson Alvarenga, 535, Bairro Viúva), service hours is from 7:30am to 7:00pm, Monday to Friday, and from 7:30am to 04:00pm on Saturday. There is also a helpline number: 0800-0310831.

Vale reaffirms that safety and quality of life of the community is the priority by now.

Emergency trainings and orientation to the population of Barão de Cocais

Vale continues to work together with public authorities to provide the population of Barão de Cocais (Minas Gerais) with clear information. Two emergency trainings have already been held - on March 25 and May 18 - by the State Civil Defense, with support of Vale, Civil and Military Police, Military Fire Brigade, and City Government. Vale participated in the emergency training with 350 employees and provided all logistics support to the competent agencies.

The purpose of these activities was to reinforce the instructions and training of the population from the Secondary Safety Zone about the procedures in an emergency situation related to Sul Superior dam of Gongo Soco mine.

This training lasted 48 minutes and 26.75% of the expected participants attended it. Since March 25, seven 24-hour meeting points have been installed in the city.

Together with Civil Defense, the company also carried out emergency response trainings with residents from the Secondary Security Zone of the municipalities of Santa Bárbara (March 29) and São Gonçalo do Rio Abaixo (April 3).

Vale reaffirms its commitment to the residents of the region and will keep them informed about upcoming actions and events related to safety.


The total number of reallocated people until March 23, 2019 is:

Brumadinho: 284 people allocated in temporary housing, hotels, inns, or with friends and relatives;

Barão de Cocais (Sul Superior dam of Gongo Soco mine): 457 persons allocated in temporary housing, hotels, residences outside the Self-Rescue Zone, or with relatives;

Macacos (B3/B4 dam of Mar Azul mine): 237 people in hotels and inns;

Nova Lima (Vargem Grande dam of Vargem Grande mine): 24 people in hotels;

Ouro Preto (Forquilhas I, II and III dams and Fábrica mine): four people in hotels;

Rio Preto (Mello power plant): three people in inns;

Vale reaffirms that it continues to provide all required support to the families until the situation stabilizes.


Help centers (supplies, psychological and social support, etc.):

Brumadinho, Córrego do Feijão: Rua Um, 240

Brumadinho, Parque da Cachoeira: Rua Francisco Jorge Dinis, 143

Brumadinho, bairro Aurora: Aurora Tênis Clube, Rua Presidente Vargas, 1490

Barão de Cocais: Avenida Wilson Alvarenga de Oliveira, 535, Bairro Viúva

Macacos: Praça 25 de Março, 1010

Addresses of the Indemnity Registration Centers for emergency payments:

Click here for the complete list.

Appointment: 0800 888 1182

Click here for the items of the preliminary agreement, eligibility, and required documentation.

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Vale Updates Information about Actions on Recovery and Assistance to Affected People