​​ Vale inaugurates Artificial Intelligence Center

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Vale inaugurates Artificial Intelligence Center

The development of Artificial Intelligence in Brazil has just taken a giant leap forwards, with the inauguration of the Vale Artificial Intelligence Center at the Tubarão site in Vitória, Brazil. The site will serve all of Vale's operations around the world.

The AI Center is part of the Artificial Intelligence evolution strategy at Vale and aims to leverage the adoption of innovative and disruptive technologies in all areas of the business, becoming a Center for development, collaboration, monitoring and maintenance of solutions with a team of professionals made up of scientists, data engineers and business experts.

In a totally collaborative way, the AI Center will have a direct and continuous interface with all business areas, always focusing on results through data analysis and enabling process improvements.

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The goal of the AI Center has never been technology through technology. We must always be focused on results and to achieve this it is necessary to break barriers in an ongoing process of collaboration, with the technology and business areas being integrated.

Alexandre Pereira, Executive Director of Business Support

Currently, teams related to the AI Center are working on 13 projects jointly with the company's business areas (Ferrous, Base Metals and Coal), as well as initiatives related to employee health and safety. The projects delivered have already generated savings of more than R$74 million per year and there are plans to obtain a further R$136 million in benefits from other actions that are in progress.

Artificial Intelligence can be understood as the ability of machines simulating the human decision-making process and performing complex tasks as we do.

The focus of the work is on optimizing the maintenance of assets, from off-road trucks to railroad tracks, improving the management of ore processing and pelletizing plant processes, improving environmental controls, health and safety prevention and corporate integrity enhancements.

We can say that Artificial Intelligence is everywhere and today it is essential for companies. The AI Center is an opportunity, not only for the Vale, but for the industry. We are moving towards a transformation journey and we need all the areas involved to make this change in an integrated way. The very methodology we use values the partnership between the areas.

Malcolm McRae, Head of AI Center

Vale inaugurates Artificial Intelligence Center