Vale wins gold medal in global leadership development award

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Vale wins gold medal in global leadership development award


Vale won the gold medal in the “Best Advancement in Leadership Development” category at HCM Exccence Corporate 2021. The award recognized the advances of ImpACT!, a leadership development action that leverages Vale's cultural transformation.

Vale's program aims to support the changes in mentality required by the company's leaders for the transformation movement adopted in recent years. With the support of the BTS consultancy, the program encourages leaders to set an example and encourage Vale's key behaviour.

Focused on the audience of coordinators, managers and technical experts, ImpACT! started in December 2019 and was expanded this year to the company's supervisory and superintendent audience. More than a thousand leaders from all business areas have completed the program.

About the Award

HCM Excellence Corporate 2021 recognizes organizations that had the best practices during the pandemic period, extolling those that addressed the new work dynamics and incorporated the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion in their practices.

Programs entered in the awards were evaluated by a panel of independent industry experts, analysts and executives from the Brandon Hall Group. Based on criteria: fit to need, program design, functionality, innovation, and overall measurable benefits.

The program had a big impact on my life. Both personally and professionally. I'm listening more to my team and incorporating feedbacks, always trying to raise the level of psychological safety so that they feel comfortable approaching any issue with me. By practicing a more open and transparent dialogue, we were able to discover potential successors who had not previously been identified

Sandro Rossi – Electronic Maintenance Manager

After starting the journey, I incorporated four key behaviours into my team so that my learning had a real impact. This initiative enabled each member of the team to bring ideas, improvements and innovations.

Cristiane Sebastião – Geotechnical Monitoring Center

Vale wins gold medal in global leadership development award