Wind fences used around the world

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Wind fences used around the world

Wind fence
Wind fence technology is used effectively in various industrial sectors

The wind fence, one of the technologies used by Vale to reduce airborne dust emissions at the Tubarão Complex in Vitória (ES), is considered efficient and resistant to all climate conditions. These qualities have led to its adoption by many countries throughout the world for a variety of productive activities. Vale uses the technology in Oman, in the Middle East, along with countries such as Canada, USA, Japan and South Korea.

Due to their versatility, wind fences are used in a number of different industries, such as mining, steel and timber. They are especially suitable for large areas, such as ore stockyards, and some companies have already developed portable versions for use in agriculture and logistics.

Following deployment of the wind fences at the Tubarão Complex, measurements indicated a 77.4% reduction in particulate emissions in the stockyards in which they were installed. The company has also adopted other stockyard control measures, such as application of polymers on stockpiles and the use of dust suppressants when handling pellets.


Wind fences used around the world