Vale’s Measures in Brumadinho

Vale has been undertaking all efforts to support the people affected in Brumadinho (Minas Gerais), since the breach of Dam 1 at the Córrego do Feijão mine, on January 25. The company created an Immediate Response Group to consolidate all emergency actions and speed up the works, in addition to an Humanitarian Aid Committee supported by a team of social workers, psychologists and trauma experts to assist and accommodate the affected people

Financial and Humanitarian Aid

  • More than 6,8 thousand medical and psychological consultations;
  • More than 46 thousand pharmacy items purchased;
  • 10 hospitals and health units mobilized to assist the affected people;
  • 208 accommodations units made available;
  • Provision of food, personal hygiene items and necessities, medicines, clothing and transportation;
  • About 400 professionals working now in 5 service stations in Brumadinho, Belo Horizonte, Nova Lima and Itabiritos;
  • R$100,000.00 emergency donation for each of the families of deceased or missing people: 269 payments made;
  • R$15,000.00 donation is being carried out for those who had their business affected in the area of self-rescue (previous registration); 68 payments made;
  • R$50,000.00 donation for those who lived in the self-rescue zone: 90 payments made;
  • R$2.6 million transferred to the City Hall of Brumadinho for the purchase of emergency equipment and hiring of healthcare professionals and psychological and social assistants, with the aim of improving the city’s humanitarian aid for the affected people;
  • R$6.5 million invested in leading-edge equipment for the Forensic Medical Institute (IML) of Belo Horizonte;
  • R$270 million allocated for acquisition of medicines, water, equipment and other logistics costs;

This financial aid is a donation

It is separate from any indemnities, which will be agreed between the interested parties together with the authorities. Donation can be cumulative if the person fits in more than one of the established categories: residence, rural productive activity or commercial activity.


  • Preliminary Agreement that will anticipate the emergency payments to all residents of Brumadinho and those who resided close to the Paraopeba riverbed, between Brumadinho and the city of Pompéu, at the Retiro de Baixo dam;
  • Indemnity amounts: monthly payment of one minimum wage e per adult, 1/2 of the minimum wage per adolescent, and 1/4 of the minimum wage per child, for a period of 12 months, starting on January 25;

Animal care

  • Field Hospital set up to shelter and treat the rescued animals;
  • Creation of an animal shelter farm;
  • Ove 468 animals rescued;
  • 79 fish rescued;
  • 190 professionals, among veterinarians, biologists and technicians, dedicated to rescuing the local fauna.


  • Daily collection of water and sediments in 65 different points between the Paraopeba river, the Três Marias reservoir and the São Francisco river, as well as eight other tributary rivers in Paraopeba;
  • More than 79 million liters of water supplied for human and animal consumption and agricultural irrigation;
  • Tailings retention works are underway. The work will be done in three sections: 1 - Within a 10km radius from the Dam I breach), 2 – 10 to 30 kilometer section that stretches to the city of Juatuba and 3 –170 kilometer section of the Paraopeba River between Juatuba and the Retiro Baixo Plant;


  • 10 upstream dams – currently inactive – will be decommissioned within three years;
  • Decommissioning is the process of ending use of a dam permanently. After the works are carried out, the remaining structure is no longer characterized as a dam under the applicable legislation;
  • Vale relocated more than 1.000 people living in Self-Rescue Zones (area within a 10km radius downstream of the dams);