Hydroelectric Dam Safety


Hydroelectric Dam Safety

The dams installed at Vale’s hydroelectric power plants undergo all regular safety inspections and evaluations required by law and in compliance with best engineering practices. These activities are supported by specialized consultancy service companies and results are filed with the relevant authorities.

bandeira do brasil

In Brazil, all dams have Dam Safety Plans (PSB, Planos de Segurança de Barragens) and Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) filed with their respective city governments.

bandeira do canadá

In the Province of Ontario, Canada, dams are operated and maintained according to the best practices described in the Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act, of Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), as well as to the Watershed Management Plan of Espanhol and Vermilion rivers, where the hydroelectric power plants are located.

bandeira da indonesia

In Indonesia, all dams are certified – Dam Safety Certificate – by the Dam Safety Commission as required by the country’s Ministry of Public Works.