Debt securities

Debt securities

Debt securities

Net debt / LTM1 EBITMA Ratio

1 LTM - last twelve months.

Gross debt amortization schedule2

US$ billion

2 As of September 30th, 2019. Does not include accrued charges.
Issuer yield curve
Corporate Credit Rating

Debt securities issued and outstanding.

Maturity Issue date Coupon (%) Currency Principal (million) ISIN Prospectuses Issuing Guarantor
01-Jan-22 28-Mar-12 4.375 US$ 1,250 US91911TAM53 Vale Overseas Vale
11-Jan-22 04-Jan-12 4.375 US$ 1,000 US91911TAM53 Vale Overseas Vale
10-Jan-23 10-Jul-12 3.750 Euro 750 XS0802953165 Vale -
10-Aug-26 06-Feb-2017 6.250 US$ 1,000 US91911TAP84 Vale Overseas Vale
10-Aug-26 03-Aug-2016 6.250 US$ 1,000 US91911TAP84 Vale Overseas Vale
15-Sep-32 18-Sep-02 7.200 USD 400 US453258AP01 Vale Canada -
17-Jan-34 15-Jan-04 8.250 US$ 500 US91911TAE38 Vale Overseas Vale
17-Jan-34 26-Oct-05 8.250 US$ 300 US91911TAE38 Vale Overseas Vale
21-Nov-36 21-Nov-06 6.875 US$ 2,500 US91911TAH68 Vale Overseas Vale
10-Nov-39 08-Set-10 7 US$ 750 US91911TAK97 Vale Overseas Vale
10-Nov-39 10-Nov-09 6.875 US$ 1,000 US91911TAK97 Vale Overseas Vale
11-Sep-42 04-Oct-12 5.625 US$ 1,500 US91912EAA38 Vale -
Corporate Credit Rating - Foreign currency
Agencies Rating Last update
Moody's Ba1 09/02/2019
Fitch BBB- 09/09/2019
S&P BBB‐ 03/21/2019
DBRS BBBL 06/25/2019
Corporate Credit Rating - Local currency
Agencies Rating Last update
Moody's 09/02/2019
Fitch AAA 09/09/2019
S&P brAAA 03/21/2019

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