Shareholding structure

Shareholding structure

New York Stock Exchange

Vale was incorporated on June 1, 1942. It was listed on the Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange on October 26, 1943, on the São Paulo Stock Exchange (BOVESPA) on April 04, 1968, on the Latibex on February 8, 2000, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on June 20, 2000, and the NYSE Euronext Paris on July 18, 2008. See below an illustration of our shareholding structure.

Vale has a global diversified shareholders base

Vale’s total outstanding shares, October 31th, 2018

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Golden Shares

The special class preferred shares, Golden Shares, must be the property of the country. The holder of the special class preferred shares has the same rights (including with respect to voting and dividend preference) as holders of preferred class A shares. In addition, the holder of the golden shares is entitled to veto any proposed action relative to the following matters:

Rights of the Golden Shares holders

  • A change in our name;
  • A change in the location of our head office;
  • A change in our corporate purpose as regards the mining activities;
  • Any change in the by-laws relating to the rights afforded to the classes of capital stock issued by us;
  • Any change in the by-laws relating to the rights afforded the Golden Shares.
  • Any liquidation of the company;
  • Any disposal or winding up of activities in any of the following parts of our iron ore mining integrated systems:
  • Liquidação de nossa empresa.
  • Qualquer alienação ou encerramento das atividades de uma ou mais das seguintes etapas dos sistemas integrados de nossa exploração de minério de ferro:
    • Mineral deposits, ore deposits, mines;
    • Railways;
    • Ports and maritime terminals.

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