Realized Price Simulator

Realized Price Simulator

Realized Price Simulator

We built a model to help investors better estimate Vale's CFR (cost and freight) realized price for iron ore fines and the impact of pricing mechanisms.

Download the Realized Price Simulator

How to use it

Insert your assumptions in the 'Inputs' tab

Go to the 'Model' tab and check the realized price

The simulator also has a tab called “information provided by Vale” that discloses the last twelve months (LTM) information regarding sales volumes monthly distribution for current and provisional pricing systems. Besides, there is information on the monthly and quarterly averages of Platts 62% Index CFR China and 65% Fe Metal Bulletin CFR China.


As the model is sensitive to key inputs such as Fe content, quality premiums, pricing systems sales mix and delivery of volumes sold in previous quarters, it is not possible to guarantee that the price calculated using this model will be exactly to the one that will be reported in any given quarter.