I have been the accounting manager in Soroako, Indonesia since 2004. I work with the operations and logistics teams in the export of nickel to Japan. I also monitor production performance, produce periodic environmental reports and work on strategic projects.

I opted for a career with Vale because it is one of the world’s largest in my chosen field, Metallurgical Engineering. I took part in the Engineer in Training program, which offered me overseas training and helped me develop my technical skills prior to becoming involved in an operational support capacity.

Safety has always been a priority at Vale. For example, the company has invested heavily in the processing plant dust collection system, leading to a reduction in the quantity of pollutant particles in the air and improvements to the working environment. Additionally, tighter environmental, health and safety regulations help ensure that all workers comply with the necessary procedures.


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Lindsay Verlaan,
Plant Engineer, Canada

Working in Sudbury means I can be home with my family every night. Here, I feel valued in my work environment.


Luis Fernando Landeiro,
Northern Logistics Operations Director, Brazil

What fascinates me the most at Vale is the opportunity to deal with a variety of activities and business operations within the same company.