We value our people.

At Vale, we are committed to supporting the
development of our employees.

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“Working on maintaining Vale’s plants is like being at university, as we learn with freedom, safety and responsibility”

Joaquim Vicente Filho

Processing Plant Maintenance Supervisor,


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“Every day we learn a little. Every day at Vale is another day of growth.”

Jaymilson Magalhães

Mine Operations Manager, Mozambique

“Working in Sudbury means I can be with my family every evening. Here, I am valued in my workplace.”

Lindsay Moreau-Verlaan

Engineer, Canada

“The team interacts very well and this is something I take home. I come here in a good mood and leave here in a good mood.”

Cristiana Costa e Silva

Analyst, Brazil

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Vale features in Fortune ranking of world’s 500 largest companies.

Just seven Brazilian companies are on the list, which looks at companies’ earnings and revenues.

We are one of young people’s dream companies.

For another consecutive year, we are ranked near the top in a survey conducted by Cia de Talentos in partnership with Nextview People.


Vale is a solid company with a strong global presence and a dynamic, challenging work environment.

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We promote our
employee’s development

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Vale is concerned about everything it does. From the environment to the quality of life and work of its employees.

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How can I submit my resume?

To submit your resume, click here. By doing so, you will be able to compete for vacancies at Vale. If you would like to participate in one of Vale’s programs, apply on the page of the program in question.

How will I find out if I have been chosen for a position?

Candidates themselves should monitor the process. To do so, visit the page of the program you have applied for and click on the “Track the Process” link. As soon as Vale has a response, it will appear in each candidate’s record.

I’m in the Talent Bank. What do I do now?

If you are in the Talent Bank, it is because you did well in the selection process stages for a Vale program, but it wasn’t possible to offer you a position at that time. If a vacancy that matches your profile appears during a new process, you may be informed, and you can continue from where you left off before. However, the fact that you are in the Talent Bank does not guarantee you will be called upon again. Only candidates with the right profile for new vacancies will be called upon.

I was in the Talent Bank in the past. Do I need to reapply for the next selection process?

If you have already participated in a selection process for Vale, you don’t need to reapply, as your resume is already in the Talent Bank. If a vacancy that matches your profile arises, we will contact you, and you can continue in the selection process from the point where you stopped the last time. It is also possible that you may have to redo some stage of the selection process.

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Mission, Vision
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We are working to generate prosperity, with social responsibility and respect for the environment

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