Life at Vale

Life at Vale

Our new way of being Vale

Have you already heard about Vale, know someone that works in one of our operations or follow us on social media?

If you do, it is possible that you know that we are a Brazilian company present in around 30 countries. What don’t you know? We are undergoing a process of cultural transformation in which we have sought, responsibly, to convert lessons learned throughout the years into a new way of being Vale, of listening actively and having a positive impact on the locations in which we operate.

Who is Vale?    

We want to be a platform for your professional growth and development. In the measure that we transform Vale, we improve ourselves, developing new skills, advancing in our careers, and sharing results.

We have dived deep into a transformation process in order to become better professionals, inspirational leaders and reliable operators at all levels and in all of the places in which we are present.

Hear the stories of

some of our employees: 

“The internship at Vale is an opportunity to learn and to complement your academic background. When you open yourself up to learning about the company to understand how to best contribute to Vale’s results, the opportunities naturally start to appear. In these last 30 years I’ve worked in all of the areas of IT. You are constantly having new experiences.”

Marco França, started as an intern at Vale and is now a Supply Manager

“I completed a technological course and had no idea that it was possible to build a career here. I entered Vale through the talent pool as an intern after having not made it through the first process. I spent ten years in the transport department and today work in Global Items Management handling this part of the Logistics and Supply area.”

Carolina Nascimento, Senior Supply Analyst

“I started at Vale in 2018 in my first formal job and it has been a great experience. I have always felt welcome. My relationship with the leadership has always been great and I’ve always felt like I’ve had the support I needed. I already knew that Vale was one of the largest companies in Brazil and when I started here it surpassed any expectation that I had.”

Rafael Rosário, Administrative Assistant

Our evolution

We are becoming more and more inclusive, safe, and sustainable each day, using innovation to develop our business and generate value for society. We have made a commitment to promoting a transparent and respectful work environment that values our diverse talents.

Familiarize yourself with some of the commitments made to our employees and with the community:

We promote equal opportunity for any person, regardless of cultural or ideological factors, disability, gender, race, ethnicity, origin, or sexual orientation.

In a commitment to the future, we have targets to reduce emissions and become a carbon-neutral company by 2050.

We believe in protagonism in careers and stimulate growth through means of continuous learning on our social learning platforms, training programs and experience.

We are changing with the world. Be part of our evolution.

Learn about our global opportunities in a dynamic environment with continuous learning and in one of the largest miners in the world.