Be a supplier​

The selection, quotation and hiring of suppliers are made based on our 'Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Supplier', respecting technical and other criteria of process such as quality, price, delivery time and vendor support service.

The suppliers selected for this phase have already registered and are certified to provide for some category at Vale. request for information (RFIs), request for quotation (RFQ) and request for proposal (RFP) are made in this phase.


Suppliers registration and certification process

If your company is selected by Vale's Procurement area, you will receive an invitation via email to complete the registration and certification process. This process is done through the Vale Procurement Global Services tool (Midas application). Details on how to register are in both the email and the Midas help tutorial. The information requested depends on the category of service or material the company will provide and also on the place where the service is provided (in the case of services) and the type of hiring.


Mandatory documents - Global

In establishing a relationship with its suppliers, affiliated and controlled companies, Vale seeks to share its values and principles, promoting the awareness and practice of human rights. The documents listed below meet our guidelines, contributing to the building of quality and long-term relationships.

The Supplier Code of Conduct


Fighting against corruption guide for suppliers and other third parties


Sustainability Policy


Human Rights Policy​


HSE Guidelines for Vale Suppliers


Health and safety report


Greenhouse Gases Protocol (GHGP)


Guidelines for the Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Program (GHGE)


Form for Assessment of Contractors’ HSE Performance


Good practice documents

PTP 00815 - Guidelines fatality prevention programs


Health, Safety and Environment Requirements.

Vale continuously invests in our most precious good: life. "Life in the first place" is a prime value and "Caring for people" is one of our strategic pillars.

We believe that our health and safety performance is evolving every year, focusing on disseminating concepts and practices and applying innovative solutions for the prevention of injuries and illnesses. Still, there is a way to go to reach Zero Damage.

Through the Health, Safety and Environment Management System, Vale establishes guidelines to identify and treat impacts and risks to workers, the environment and facilities. The goal is to manage and minimize these risks.

Vale's service provider companies are our partners in the pursuit of Zero Damage. Therefore, you should always follow the Health, Safety and Environmental Requirements for Vale contractors described below.

Prohibited Products
Critical Activities Requirements - RAC
CAR qualification guideline
Training material

Any chemical that contains in its composition substance or constant element listed in the Forbidden Products is prohibited. Those on the Restricted Products should be avoided and, if it is not possible, specific risk analysis is required.

Forbidden Products Restricted Products
Vendor Support and Questions

Vendor Support and Questions

Do you have any questions? Access our vendor support area and frequently asked questions for suppliers and non-suppliers
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