To provide services or supply materials to Vale in Mozambique, interested parties must comply with the following procedures:


  • Access the following address:;
  • Click on the “Language” option in the upper right corner of your screen and select your language of choice;
  • Complete the pre-registration procedure by providing the required data;
  • Within a few minutes, you will receive an email from, containing your provisional username and password to initiate registration on the SNM Portal;
  • Complete the online application form and send it. Within a few minutes, you will receive another email with your definitive username and password to complete your registration on the Portal. This message will be from the following email address:
    • NB: Quadrem is the outsourced company responsible for the processes involved in certification, registration and maintenance of the supplier database for Vale in Mozambique.


      • Analysis of documentation: within 48 working hours, a technical team will analyze the pre-registration information and documents and contact the applicant through the message area of the Quadrem Portal itself. A copy of this message will also be forwarded to the registered email address.


      To provide services or supply materials to Vale in Mozambique, interested parties must provide the following documents, which must be submitted via the SNM Portal.

      • Copy of proof of issuance of Unique Tax Identification Number – NUIT (model 01 or 06 or as specified by NUIT);
      • Copy of proof of bank account ownership;
      • Copy of business permit, simplified licence or current company bylaws published in the Official Government Gazette;
      • Copy of current commercial registration certificate;
      • Copy of declaration of commencement of fiscal activity;
      • Copy of current financial release certificate;
      • Copy of definitive registration certificate;
      • Signed Supplier’s Code of Ethical Conduct.

      International suppliers will be asked to provide their tax identification number in accordance with the legislation in their country of origin; proof of bank account ownership and signed supplier’s code of ethical conduct.