Mobilization and demobilization

Mobilization: starting a services agreement at Vale

The first step for suppliers contracted to provide services in one of Vale's operational units - whether project or administrative - is to learn about Vale's mobilization process.

Suppliers who will work in some Vale unit need to be trained in the Critical Activities Requirements (RACs).


In the closing of service contracts, it is necessary to prove that:

  • All products and services were delivered and accepted according to the contract.
  • All financial obligations arising from the contract were settled.
  • Information regarding the contract and supplier performance has been updated and filed.

Contracts management

The suppliers must comply with the contractual obligations established, always respecting Vale's ‘Code of Ethics and Conduct of Supplier'. They must also comply with all applicable laws, including global anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws, and those applicable to Vale's operations in the countries where they operate.

During the period of performance and validity of the contract, the services provided (including supply of materials) have their performance evaluated periodically according to criteria pre-established by Vale.


Contractual Amendments

Contractual amendments, even if requested by an employee of Vale, are only valid after the authorization of the contract manager and contractual formalization by the Procurement area in charge


Contractual termination term (TEC)

Some contracts require that, at the time of termination, the Contractual Termination Term (TEC) is made. This information is available in the contract. If in doubt, the supplier can contact the manager of his/her contract.


Supplier Performance Index

Vale believes and supports the development of its suppliers. Know our evaluations.

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