Suppliers Hiring

The selection, quotation and hiring of suppliers are made based on our 'Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Supplier', respecting technical and other criteria of process such as quality, price, delivery time and vendor support service.

The suppliers selected for this phase have already registered and are certified to provide for some category at Vale. Request for information (RFIs), request for quotation (RFQ) and request for proposal (RFP) are made in this phase. This all happens through Vale Vendor Portal or by email.

After reading the quotation terms, the supplier must state his or her interest - or not - in participating in the process. It is at this moment that the supplier must access a tax rules registry environment to inform the tax exemptions associated with its tax treatment

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If your company is already participating in a quotation process, you can check the status of this process on Vale Vendor Portal.

Video about the Anti-Corruption Rules for Vale’s suppliers

All our work at Vale is guided by the principles of ethics and integrity. Vale has zero tolerance for corruption and bribery. We seek to have a chain of suppliers and third parties that also have this commitment to fight corruption, contributing to a more ethical and fair society. This is the way we want to do business.

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