Get to know Vale's Golden Rules for Safety


Get to know Vale's Golden Rules for Safety

shield image with 10 golden rules printed

In alignment with our "Life matters most" value, Vale launches today (August 19th) 10 new Golden Rules.

The Golden Rules are unbreakable principles to be complied with by all direct and contract employees and also by our suppliers. They do not replace the other Health & Safety standards and requirements in your workplace but complement them to enhance our protective shield against injuries and fatalities.

Aiming to eliminate and reduce fatalities, they have been reevaluated and unified globally. These ten standardized and mandatory Golden Rules have been implemented globally for all Vale areas, whether operational or administrative. In addition to the globally unified Golden Rules, guidelines have been established to handle the conduct and manage the consequences in cases of non-compliance with these rules.

For further information about the Golden Rules, please access the page ‘Our Commitments’.


Get to know Vale's Golden Rules for Safety