Supplier Performance Index

Vale knows the importance of supplier relationship management strategy and therefore conducts periodic evaluations of contracted companies. The result of these evaluations is the Supplier Performance Index (IDF), which incorporates the suppliers from the main operating areas within Brazil and abroad. The goal is to seek quality, transparency and continuous improvement in the relationships between the company and its suppliers.

The evaluations are made through questionnaires that encompass a serie of criteria:


Legal and Labor

Environment and Health & Safety

Vale believes and supports the development of its suppliers. Therefore, when a supplier scores below the expected, the company helps develop an action plan with improvements suggestions.

It is important to remember that the IDF is part of the decision-making process for new contracts.

Access to systems

Vale Vendor Portal

Virtual space for the commercialization of products and services between Vale and its suppliers.

Contracts Management System

It covers stages related to the contract, such as administration, mobilization, control, among others.