Systems and definitions

Vale Vendor Portal (Nimbi Platform)

It is a virtual space for the commercialization of products and services that interfaces Vale and its suppliers, increasing the integration of the purchasing processes, ranging from quotation to payment.

The portal is divided by modules that support the purchasing processes: Trading (quotation); Purchase (purchase order); Transportation (logistics); Pay (metering and payment); and IDF (Supplier Performance Index).

Click here to access the Portal.

Vale Procurement Global Services

This environment was created to meet calls related to the Vale supply chain and has 3 applications.

Click here to access Vale Procurement Global Services. The usage tutorial is available in the tool itself.

Service Center

Calls related to the entire contract life and related to the following areas: Tax Receipt of Materials and Services, Supplies and Tax, to solve problems related to adjustments of purchase orders, regularization of invoices of materials and notice payments delay.

Filling in information and sending electronic invoices for services are also done by this application.

Please note: invoices for materials are still being received by email nfe@vale.com.

Midas Portal

Registration and certification of suppliers, so that they are able to transact with buyers or contract managers

The application is only accessible after sending the invitation to the supplier, who must have already joined the Vale Vendor Portal http://nim.bi/vale.