Innovation is part

of our reality

Vale seeks to incorporate innovation into its processes and operations to ensure growth and competitiveness in the domestic and international markets. Today this is done through artificial intelligence, advanced computational analysis and collaborative work.

The company also invests in research and development of innovative projects. These initiatives are changing the mining landscape, connecting people and bringing greater operational efficiency.

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Do you know what Industry 4.0 is and how is Vale inserted in it?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is already a reality in most large companies, adding intelligent machines, systems and networks to production, storage and distribution processes. Vale digital change in its work model is divided into the following pillars:


Financial Performance


We develop initiatives that focus on operational efficiency and sustainability of the company with:

  • Increase of equipment availability
  • Reduction of fuel use
  • Reduction of equipment maintenance time

Get to know some of our Cases

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Autonomous Trucks

Autonomous mining

Mining of the future, now!

Vale is responsible for the first mine in Brazil that will operate autonomous trucks, only. An innovation full of benefits.

Drones in the Railroad Yard

Railroad yard

The use of drones brings efficiency and safety gains

This tool has brought facilities to Tubarão railroad yard (in Espírito Santo) by monitoring wagons with ore.

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Analytics

Artificial intelligence in favor of tire optimization

The Advanced Analytics system has been used to develop a methodology that has extended the useful life of off-road truck tires.

Integrated Operations Center (COI)

Integrated Operations Center (COI)

Where results are optimized

Located in Nova Lima, Minas Gerais, the Integrated Operations Center started its operations to increase the profit margin throughout the iron ore chain.

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Digital Lab

Digital Lab

Understanding the new technologies coming to Vale

By using the best technology, engineering and design, we work in a collaborative and agile manner to deliver exponential and sustainable value for Vale.

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Hubology: Integrated Work Environments


Stimulating innovation within the work environment

New working method in Canada – connecting with people, troubleshooting in a collaborative and agile manner, as well as using information and technology in decision-making process.

Remotely Controlled Underground Excavators

Autonomous Excavators

Building the future of mining

We have implemented controls via tablets and remote operations in Totten mine, in Canada. By remotely operating an excavator, we increase safety and mitigate the risks of musculoskeletal injuries.

Hackathon: To Boost Innovation


Searching for ideas that move us forward

The aim is to create disruptive mobility projects. Enthusiasts of creativity and technology are brought together for a programming marathon.



The largest underground laboratory in the world.

The lab is nestled in the depths of our Creighton mine, in Sudbury, Canada. With huge tanks full of cooled gases, the laboratory expands the production of scientific research, as well as generating and disseminating new mining knowledge.

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Valor Innovation Award 2018

We finished in first place in the Mining, Metallurgy and Steel category of the Valor Inovação Award. In the same year, Vale rose from 42nd place to 17th as the most innovative company in Brazil. We will continue to invest to evolve.

Research and Development

Vale maintains and supports initiatives and institutions focused on research and project development in the Innovation area. Learn more about some of them such as the Ferrous Technology Center, the Mineral Development Center and the Vale Technology Institute.

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