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At Vale, we seek the best technologies to offer mineral resources essential to modern life with responsibility and respect for the environment.

To this end, in 2009 we established the Vale Institute of Technology (known by Portuguese acronym ITV), a non-profit research and postgraduate teaching institution.

It aims to create options for the future through scientific research and development of technologies to expand Vale’s knowledge and business frontiers in a sustainable manner.


ITV activities are based on the integration among three areas and research is considerated the main area with the priority area being research.


Promote, disseminate, and conduct research, technology, and innovation regarding the Mining and Sustainable Development knowledge areas.


Maintain stricto sensu and lato sensu post-graduation education and training, providing professional and academic doctors and masters degree courses, as well as extension and scientific initiation activities.


To encourage researcher-entrepreneurs, qualified to lead technology-based companies or technology transference processes that may arise from researches.

Master’s Course

Since 2013, ITV offers a professional master's degree recognized by CAPES. The course is the first of its kind to be offered by an institute linked to a mining company. Registration for 2015 classes took place from 10/1/14 to 19/11/14. Check here to see the selection process final result.

Research Grant at ITV

The ITV Exchange Commission announces that the selection process has been completed. The selected scholars have been called. If you have not been called, we'll keep your name in the database in case of a future opportunity. We deeply appreciate all the interested people in joining the ITV research team. The call was a success with many high-level registered candidates.


The Vale Institute of Technology works in partnership with renowned institutions in various countries, such as Australia, Belgium, Brazil and Israel, among others.

ITV’s Consulting Council is composed of leading international professionals in the science, technology and innovation community. The aim of this entity is to advise ITV on technical and scientific subjects, thereby improving the efficiency and quality of its decisions.

• To define ITV’s research lines, eight workshops were held involving the scientific community and Vale, attended by:
• 272 researchers;
• 149 Vale specialists.

ITV participated in Rio+20, the UN conference held in 2012 in Brazil, by holding a forum called “Sustainable Development – New Dimensions for Society and Business”. The same year, ITV organized a symposium with various universities and institutions in the public and private sectors to discuss the Amazon’s climate and it brought international speakers to Brazil for a debate.

Research lines

ITV’s research lines focus on topics that are complementary to sustainable development and mining, including the following:

  • Sustainable Development:
    Water Management, Sustainability in the Mining Industry, Biodiversity, Environmental Monitoring Technologies, Climatology, Sociology, Bioenergy and Photosynthesis.

  • Mining:
    Exploration and Prospecting, Water Resources, Legislation, Foreign Trade, Logistics, Metallurgy, Environment, Processing, Mining, and Automation.

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Until the building of ITV’s headquarters are finished in Belém and Ouro Preto, its units are operating at the following addresses:

ITV Sustainable Development

Pará, Brazil

Rua Boaventura da Silva, 955. Nazaré.
CEP: 66055-090.
Belém, Pará, Brazil

ITV Mining

Minas Gerais, Brazil

Avenida Juscelino Kubitschek, 31 - Bauxita.
CEP: 35400-000
Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brasil


  • “ITV’s vision is to become a leading institution in science and technology. Underpinned by a high-level group of researchers, ITV conducts research with the potential to generate new knowledge in sustainable development and for the mining chain.”

    Humberto Freitas, Executive Director, Vale´s Logistics and Mineral Research.

  • “ITV is a unique initiative that may help to make development more sustainable not only in global terms, but also in Brazil and, especially, in the critical Amazon region. Its laudable approach is wide-ranging, interdisciplinary, practical and innovative – applying the structure of sustainable economics.”

    Mohan Munasinghe, Nobel Peace Prize winner as chairman of a research institute named after him based in Sri Lanka that works to promote sustainable development. The professor is a member of ITV’s Advisory Council.

  • “The science and technology community is a partner of Vale in its bold research and development plans – activities that Brazil very much needs at its companies, in line with our ideal of formulating a strategic development plan for the area as a state policy. Accordingly, the Board of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences is today delighted to announce that Vale is now one of its institutional members.”

    Professor Jacob Palis, President of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC).

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