Vale-UQ Geomicrobiology Laboratory

Vale-UQ Geomicrobiology Laboratory

In September 2012, Vale signed a five year, $2.5 million industry partnership alliance with the acclaimed University of Queensland (UQ) to build a hub of geomicrobiological knowledge.

This important partnership will see a Vale-UQ Geomicrobiology laboratory established at UQ’s St Lucia campus to provide for research on microbial communities and microbial metal extraction processes.

Geomicrobiology – the study of microorganisms and their influence on many geochemical processes that occur at or near the Earth’s surface – is a burgeoning field in geosciences that’s of increasing interest to the mining industry.

The expansion of geomicrobiology research through this Vale-UQ alliance promises to build competencies and research infrastructure for both organisations, whilst offering real potential to deliver biotechnological innovations and research solutions for complex mining and mineral sector problems.