Boards, committees and councils

Boards, committees and councils

Boards, committees and councils

Executive Board

The Executive Officers are the company’s legal representatives and are responsible for day-to-day operations and the implementation of the general policies and guidelines set forth by the Board of Directors. The CEO acts as the interface between the Executive Board and the Board of Directors.

Learn more about Vale's Executive Board Members:

Eduardo Bartolomeo

Chief Executive Officer

Alexandre Pereira

Executive Director, Global Business Support

Carlos Medeiros

Executive Director, Safety and Operational Excellence

Luciano Siani

Executive Director, Finance and Investor Relations

Luiz Eduardo Osorio

Executive Director, Communication and Institutional Relations

Marcello Spinelli

Executive Director, Ferrous Minerals

Alexandre Silva D’Ambrosio

Executive Officer, Legal

Paulo Couto

Director, Coal

Mark Travers

Executive Director, Base Metals

Marina Quental

Executive Director, People

Maria Luiza de Oliveira Pinto e Paiva

Executive Director, Sustainability

To find out more information and to check the full profile of our executive board members, click here.

Understand how we operate

Board of
Fiscal Council

The Board Committees, have as their mission to advise the Board of Directors of Vale, including proposing improvements related to its area of operation, in order to give greater efficiency and quality to the decisions of this board and to ensure that the Company's activities are conducted in accordance with laws, ethics and internal controls.

Get to know the members of the committees:

Finance Committee

Gilmar Wanderley
Fernando Buso
Adriano Seabra
Ken Yasuhara
Murilo Passos

Download the Corporate Charter

Sustainability Committee

José Penido (Coordinator)
Johan Ribeiro
Marcel Barros
Marcelo Gasparino da Silva
Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Roxo
Luis Carlos Affonso

Download the Corporate Charter

Personnel and Governance Committee

Fernando Buso (Coordinator)
José Mauricio
Sandra Guerra
Arthur Prado
Ana Silvia Matte

Download the Corporate Charter

Operational Excellence and Risk Committee

Eduardo Rodrigues (Coordinator)
Hugo Stoffel
José Luciano Penido
Roger Downey
Antonio Queiroz

Operational Excellence and Risk Committee

Extraordinary Independent Consulting Committee for Dam Safety

Flávio Miguez de Mello
Willy Lacerda
Pedro Repetto

Download the Corporate Charter

Audit Committee

Isabella Saboya de Albuquerque
Luciana Pires Dias
Sergio Ricardo Romani

Download the Corporate Charter

Nomination Committee

Pedro Parente
Alexandre Gonçalves Silva
José Maurício Pereira Coelho

Download the Corporate Charter


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