Healthcare Plan

AMS Healthcare Plan

Vale's health care plan, Supplementary Medical Assistance (AMS), is one of the benefits that Vale offers to its employees. Registered with the Brazilian Regulatory Agency for Private Health Insurance and Plans, by SCPA 01, the benefit is a Collective Business Plan and is in effect. Vale's operator registration number is 345695.

The beneficiary of any location – capitals, metropolitan areas and countryside village – may get in contact with AMS for free, by the phone 0800 7701 708.

On this page, you can access information about the plan in a quick, simple and safe manner.

The beneficiary can access the database of the accredited network and learn more about the services that the plan offers his/her family.

The accredited health care professionals have an exclusive service area with access to registration forms, regulatory guides and other information.

SMA Ombudsman's Office

What is the Ombudsman's Office?

It is an exclusive relationship channel that represents the employer’s voice in the management of Vale’s Supplementary Medical Assistance (SMA), always seeking ethical solutions and continuous process improvement. Ensuring quality service while attending to solicited requests from beneficiaries, this channel addresses one of Vale’s main values: “Life matters most.”

In order for the beneficiary to be assisted by the Ombudsman’s Office, it is necessary for him/her to already have gone through other company channels, such as the call centre or by directly visiting one of our service offices.

Service channels

If your issue has not been resolved, please contact us via one of the channels listed below, providing the protocol number so that the request, along with the responsible area, can be re-examined, in order to offer the company's definitive position on the matter.

Service channels

If your question has not been resolved, please contact us via the form below:​​​​