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How to Explore the World without Leaving Home during the Travel Ban

Due to the social isolation measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus, many people had to reconsider their vacation plans and wait in line to reschedule or cancel their tickets and hotel bookings with tour operators and agencies. If the current situation does not allow you to travel with your friends and family, how about exploring amazing places without leaving home? Check out tips on websites and apps that can take you on a virtual escape and maybe encourage you to see all the places in person afterward.

Travel World – Around the World in 360 Degrees

The Travel Word app offers 360° views of different parts of the world. The website shows samples of this material on YouTube. You can experience riding on one of those double-decker buses in London or even taking a dip by the great barrier reef in Australia. Sample VR content is available on the website and YouTube channel. Try out!

Click here to access the website.

Google Earth – Choose your Next Travel Destination

This Google app allows you to explore different locations around the world. You can check tourist spots, and even small streets and their surroundings using the zoom and 360° view features. You can explore different places, take guided tours, and much more.

Click here to access the web version

Secret Door – Step into the Unknown

The Secret Door website is a passageway to anywhere on the face of the earth, including the interior of large stores, stadiums, museums, and Disney World amusement parks. Every time you step through, you are taken somewhere new. The Secret Door uses Google Maps street view navigation and it is very simple to use. If you do not like the destination, you can return and click a door that says “Take me somewhere else”.

Click here to check it out

Chile 360º – How about a Visit to our Neighborhood?

Chile 360º app offers videos and images of landscapes in Chile, such as the Atacama Desert and Patagonia. The application is available for Android and iOS systems and can be set up in Portuguese languages. 3D glasses are optional.

Click here to learn more.

Panorama 360 Cities – Discover Unimaginable Panoramas

The Panorama 360 Cities app was created for urban enthusiasts. The web-based and iOS app features real panoramic images and videos from most major cities in the world. On the website, you will find a map with pictures, just choose the continent and the desired destination and click to explore.

Check out the Panorama 360 Cities website

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How to Explore the World without Leaving Home during the Travel Ban