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Use of drone innovates Vale's operations in Pará

Innovating is much more than creating something new, it is also thinking differently, "out of the box", to see improvement points in a creative and profitable manner. From this broader concept of innovation, the team responsible for geotechnical field surveys at Sossego Mine in Pará created an effective solution to make local work agiler. And more: with the simple help of an already known technology, used in the world for many functions - the drone, an unmanned, remotely controlled aerial vehicle.

The work was performed by an employee using photo cameras, and it took about three hours to be done. Now it is done in only 20 minutes by a qualified pilot to operate the drone. "One of the main benefits we had by using the equipment is, with no doubt, the safety of employees and operations, in addition to a higher accuracy when identifying issues and improvements," says Francinaldo Sindeaux, mine geo-technician.

After the drone arrived in November 2016, inspections in dams, mine slopes, dikes, and piles started being done faster and with more details, since this technology can reach areas difficult for employees to access, and record everything with pictures and videos from a privileged viewpoint. "These small innovations help us make decisions related to infrastructure since the images favor an overview of mine, access, pile, dam, among others", the geo-technician says.

Do you know what a drone is?

The device is an unmanned, remotely-controlled aerial vehicle that can perform numerous tasks. At Vale, the technology has already been a subject of a study in a course conclusion paper, "Advanced Training in Mining", offered by the mining company to employees and completed in the first semester of 2017. In São Luís, in Maranhão, drones already do building inspections for preliminary assessments.

Innovating Goes Beyond Campaign

In this May, Vale released a new campaign with a focus on innovation and constant evolution of the company. The proposal is showing that the concept of innovation goes far beyond the creation of new technologies. For Vale, innovating is thinking differently, proposing changes, and always seeking evolution. Reinforcing practices and values that point to the future of mining are among the company's goals, which involves proximity with communities, listening skills and ability to build win-win relationships.

The entire campaign takes place in the digital environment. So far, four videos have been released, focusing on this broader concept of innovation.

Check the Innovating Goes Beyond campaign page and learn more

Use of drone innovates Vale's operations in Pará