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Canaã dos Carajás, in Pará, receives another high standard children school

Children from Canaã dos Carajás, in Pará, can count on one more option of place to study. Another school was inaugurated in the municipality: Núcleo de Educação Infantil Irani Vieira da Silva. This initiative will benefit about 250 children in the neighborhoods of Jardim América, Jardim Europa, Flor de Lins, Novo Horizonte and Santa Vitória, generating employment for 30 workers.

Vania became happy with the convenience of having a school close to her house. Photo: Josciene Santos

As a result of a public-private partnership, the structure is part of Vale’s set of investments in the education area in the municipality, with the purpose of improving the primary school environment and, consequently, contributing to the student learning.

In the last four years, Vale has invested approximately R$ 12 million in the infrastructure of schools in Canaã dos Carajás, aimed at reforming existing buildings and at building four more units in the neighborhoods of Ouro Verde, Ouro Preto, Vale dos Sonhos, Jardim America and Novo Brasil.


Having students in high-quality buildings, with such an infrastructure, makes them encourage themselves to study and teachers feel motivated and valued for working in a place that meets all needs. We are very proud of the result of this partnership with Vale”

André Wilson, Secretary of Education of Canaã dos Carajás

The housewife Vania Carvalho celebrated the inauguration with her four children. “When they told me that a school was being built here, I became very happy. To me, this is important because I live in Jardim América and there were no schools nearby. My children used to go to school by car, leaving an hour earlier and arriving home later. Now this is different. I can take them to school and get them”, she said.

The inauguration brought together representatives of the City Hall, the community and Vale. Photo: Josciene Santos

Basic Education Index

The Basic Education Development Index (Ideb) of Canaã dos Carajás has grown, but there is still a long way to go. Vale supports the municipality with investments to improve the school environment, train teachers and encourage reading. Today, the city is among the 20 best cities in the state in quality of basic education with administrative dependency of the municipality.

One of the reformed schools supported by the company was the Raimundo de Oliveira school in 2014. The school went from a 3.9 rate on Ideb in 2013 to 4.8 in 2015.

The Ideb is a performance indicator in Brazilian education, which summarizes two important concepts to assess the quality of education in the country: the school feeder patterns (approval, failure and dropout rates) and the impact from learning (results for the subjects of Portuguese Language and Mathematics in Prova Brasil). The index uses a scale from 0 to 10. The closer to 10, the better.


Canaã dos Carajás, in Pará, receives another high standard children school