Check Out Ten Tips to Hold Efficient Meetings and Video Calls

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Check Out Ten Tips to Hold Efficient Meetings and Video Calls


With the need for social distancing, most work meetings – as well as social ones – have become virtual. Contact with friends and colleagues is essential not only for emotional health, since it is important to see and talk to people, but also to organize our daily work tasks. Regardless of the app chosen to make calls, you must be aware of some details and be attentive since it is a shared virtual space. So, these are some tips to make a video call easily and efficiently:

Check Your Video in Advance

Check your appearance, the angle of the camera (your face centered), and the light of the space chosen to hold the meeting. Backlighting, such as a sunny window or a bright lamp, will make it hard to see you. Therefore, place a light source in front of you so that people can see your face. Also, be seated where you will not embarrass people in your house, that is, where they will not appear on camera.

Make Sure Your Headset Is Working

You do not want to waste the first few moments of the call by asking if everyone can hear you well, right? So, use the app to check that the devices are working properly before everyone joins the call.

Check Your Internet Connection

To avoid disconnecting during a meeting or missing important parts due to the instability of the Internet connection, check it first. If possible, use a wired network.

Use the Mute Button

Make sure you know where the Mute button is and use it when necessary. Thus, you ensure that sounds from your environment are not heard by the meeting participants, such as sighs, coughs, children playing in the background, or even the traffic noise coming in through the window.

Use the Latest Version of the App for Calls

Make sure you have the latest version of your video call app to avoid inconveniences during the meeting, such as compatibility issues, messages about updates, and the use of limited resources.

Avoid Having other Apps Open

Even if you have a fast Internet connection, avoid using other programs and apps that can reduce the call app performance. Be sure YouTube is closed and WhatsApp is sound-disabled, also pause major system and app updates.

Use Screen Sharing Correctly

Screen sharing is a useful resource for making presentations and showing materials for discussion during the meeting. When doing this, check for other open screens so as not to end up getting confused when choosing the screen or file you want to share. To prevent participants from reading your WhatsApp messages, e-mails, or conversations, share only one specific screen. If you are using your mobile phone, activate the Do Not Disturb mode to block notifications during the meeting.

Pay Attention to Your Behavior and Clothing

As much as home office brings comfort, organization and professional behavior must be maintained during work meetings. Choose comfortable clothing, but avoid pajamas; it is a business meeting. Also avoid lying down, slouching in your seat, or leaning on the table. While you are in a meeting, be careful not to move around too much or do other activities; it may show that you are not paying adequate attention.

Reduce the Risk of Distractions

When making a call, try to be away from other people in the house so that you can focus better. Another tip is choosing an organized environment and avoiding unnecessary objects around so that you do not get distracted by these items.

Learn about the Features of the App to Be Used

Skype, for example, you can subtitle your live videos (Click More >Enable Subtitles) and record calls (Click More  icon on the video screen and then click Start Recording). Also, you can share files(Click More > Files) and blur the background (Hover over the red video button and choose Blur My Background).

On Zoom, another well-known app, you can change the background of your screen (Video Settings) and improve your appearance by smoothing wrinkles and strong lines (Video Settings > Touch Up My Appearance).

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Check Out Ten Tips to Hold Efficient Meetings and Video Calls