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Commitment to sustainable practice, PT Vale Trials Electric Cars in Operational areas

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Commitment to sustainable practice, PT Vale trials electric cars in operational areas PT Vale realizes the commitment of sustainable mining practices consistently to achieve the net zero emissions target by 2050, as well as efforts to maintain the sustainability of the Earth. One of the steps summarized in the Company's agenda is the program of using Electric Vehicles (EV).

"Today, PT Vale recorded an important milestone in realizing the carbon emission reduction program by conducting trials on the use of electric cars, using one of the brands already marketed in South Sulawesi. In the first phase that lasts until March, the car is ready to be operated to support the operational activities of the Department of Energy &Logistic in the Sorowako to Malili area," said Adriansyah,Friday, January 14, 2022.

The trials are planned to continue until September and will be operated as a fleet of employee taxis. Currently, the Company has set up charging stations in the General Facilities & Services (GFS) area.

On the other hand, PT Vale is conducting a study on the conversion of fossil fuel Light Vehicles (LV) into electric vehicles, pending official regulations from the Central Government regarding the modification. In addition, the Company is in the process of purchasing one unit of electric trucks from China with a capacity of 70 tons, and its trials will take place in the third quarter of this year.

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Manager Environment & Permit Management Muhammad Adli Lubis added, The Company has a number of energy transition initiatives to reduce carbon emissions by 33% in 2030. In addition to the use of electric vehicles, there will also be fuel replacement in the process of processing nickel from coal to liquefied natural gas (LNG), as well as the use of biomass as a reductant in reduction kilns.

"Through these efforts, PT Vale intends to sign green mining, while realizing the ambition to become a leader in sustainable mining. We hope that the use of electric vehicles can contribute to achieving the Company's target by 2030, while supporting the net zero emissions agenda by 2050," said Adli.


Commitment to sustainable practice, PT Vale Trials Electric Cars in Operational areas