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COVID-19 Challenge Winning Projects Will Be Announced on May 8

For the COVID-19 Challenge, Vale has been selecting the projects that will have the company’s support to tackle the coronavirus. In total 1,858 proposed solutions have been submitted to the initiative launched by Vale in partnership with Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein and the Mater Dei Health Network. Due to the high number of applicants, the final date for disclosing the results was postponed to May 8. During this period, Vale may contact the proposing institutions to request additional documentation from the registration e-mail.

The purpose of this challenge is to become a catalyst for solutions that minimize the impacts of COVID-19 on our society through open innovation. Support will be provided through funding or by connecting partners to enable implementation of such solutions within 15 days. The investment will be up to US$1 million.

Check out the illustration below to learn more about the topics and the solutions received.

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Open Challenge

402 solutions

Risk monitoring and prevention

608 solutions

Triage and Diagnostics

248 solutions

Patient Monitoring

349 solutions

Intensive Care

159 solutions

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COVID-19 Challenge Winning Projects Will Be Announced on May 8