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Vale Foundation and PUC-Rio launch AGIR Program in Mangaratiba

AGIR Program
AGIR Program supports local entrepreneurship focused on identification and development of social business enterprises.

The Vale Foundation launched its Income Support Generation Program (AGIR) in the municipality of Mangaratiba, on Rio de Janeiro’s Costa Verde region, on March 23. The initiative, a partnership with PUC-Rio run by Instituto Gênesis (the Genesis Institute), provides free training that will benefit some thirty local social business enterprises.

The purpose of the AGIR Program is to support social business enterprises, increase the average family income of participants, create new job opportunities for qualified candidates from the community itself and contribute to local economic development by providing assistance in the formulation of business plans and advisory and monitoring services for the family and collective undertakings involved.

The selection of the social businesses participating in the program was based on their ability to meet the requirements specified in the initiative’s guidelines and their focus on projects that involve productive inclusion of the population - particularly the most socially vulnerable sector – through education and vocational training and the generation of work and income opportunities.

Projects should preferably be of a collective nature and based in the municipality of Mangaratiba. Project principals must be over the age of 18, possess experience compatible with the proposed activities, have a good class attendance record and be committed to the program. The program encompasses business enterprises in the following sectors: handicrafts, fishing, family farming and gastronomy, among others.

Further details on the AGIR Program

Conceived by the Vale Foundation in partnership with the Social and Economic Inclusion Institute (ISES), Kairós Institute, APRAX, Sebrae/PA and PUC-Rio and run by Instituto Gênesis (the Genesis Institute), the purpose of the AGIR Program is to support entrepreneurship at local level, by focusing on the identification and development of social businesses and providing training, consultancy services, seed capital and follow-up through incubator or accelerator programs.

The program consists of three stages, the first being the identification and selection of the groups (associations and cooperatives) and individuals that will participate in the vocational training offered. This is followed by the training, incubation and acceleration phase, depending upon the business profile obtained during training.

The third stage involves consolidation of the business, creation of networks and productive clusters and strengthening of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

AGIR in numbers

  • 273 entrepreneurs involved;
  • 1,100 individuals benefitted;
  • 117 business plans written;
  • 28 social and creative business enterprises currently undergoing the incubation process.

Vale Foundation and PUC-Rio launch AGIR Program in Mangaratiba