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Guarantee your ticket for Vale’s passenger train service

EFVM passenger train
EFVM passenger train

Those interested in travelling on the Vitória-Minas passenger train service during the July school holidays can now acquire their tickets. You can now buy tickets up to 60 days before your journey date, giving you peace of mind and avoiding problems.

Demand for train tickets tends to be particularly high in the second half of July, coinciding with the school holidays. In line with demand, the number of passenger train cars will be increased. You can buy tickets in advance at train stations along the Vitória-Minas Railway, at the points of sale provided by Vale in different towns along the railway, and on the passenger trainservice’s website.

Buy tickets in instalments
New passenger train
EFVM – key figures

In early May, Vale started selling train tickets in instalments. This possibility, which applies to credit card purchases, has two options: up to five instalments for internet transactions, and up to three instalments for purchases at ticket offices or other points of sale along the Vitória-Minas Railway. In both cases, the minimum monthly instalments are R$20.00.

In August of last year, the EFVM launched a number of new passenger railcars. All these cars, including economy class ones, have air conditioning and sound insulation to improve passengers’ comfort.

Vale invested US$80 million in acquiring these new railcars. It bought 56 new cars (10 executive class, 30 economy class, railcars to accommodate a restaurant, snack bar and power generator, and an exclusive car for people using wheelchairs.

  • 664 km – longest passenger train route
  • 30 embarkation and disembarkation points
  • 42 municipalities served
  • 1 million passengers transported per year (historic average)
  • Ticket price (full journey): Executive – R$95 Economy – R$62

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Guarantee your ticket for Vale’s passenger train service