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How is your ergonomics during the home office?

Working from home has its advantages, but there are also issues that can affect our well-being and performance. Ergonomics is one of them. Ergonomics is the practice and research of the physical interaction between humans and their work environment with the goal of optimizing tasks and resources for the workers.

As we don´t know how long the home office may be necessary, it is very important to be aware of some points, which can bring complications in the short and long terms.

Check out some tips related to working at home below.

Choose a place

The first step is to choose the best place for working in your house, a place where you feel good. If you can, choose a room that offers you some privacy so that you’re removed from noise and distractions

Give preference to an area that receives plenty of natural light and ventilation, but make sure to place the table/desk and monitor in a position where natural light does not reflect directly on the screen, thus avoiding discomfort and even visual fatigue.


You don't necessarily need to have office furniture. To maintain a good posture in home office, there are a few simple recommendations you should keep in mind:

  • Avoid leaning your neck forward while looking at the monitor and always keep your head aligned with the screen.
  • When it comes to the furniture in your personal office space, try using padded back chairs and tables with enough depth to support your forearms as you use the mouse and keyboard (this also helps to keep your shoulders relaxed).
  • You should always rest your back against the chair (if your chair is too deep, try to place a pillow to support your back). Keep your feet firmly on the floor or on a support (if they do not reach the floor).

Take breaks

At home, you can eat, stretch, get up, lie in bed... Flexibility is the upside of working from home, but be disciplined. Establish blocks of time to focus on work, disconnect from the temptations at home and focus on what needs to be done.

But take breaks throughout the day. The ideal is to take tiny regular breaks away from your desk and chair. Eight minutes are enough to reboot and recover up to one hour of work. Use this moment to interact with your family, get up and stretch.


Use time tracking apps either just as a break reminder. You can also set alarms on your cell phone to remember these pauses.

You should take lunch breaks not only to nourish yourself, but to rest, relax and then continue with the activities planned for the day.

Source: Associação Internacional de Ergonomia (IEA) e Escola Nacional de Postura e Movimento (EPM)

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How is your ergonomics during the home office?