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Mozambique: Vale provides school supplies for two thousand children from Vila de Cateme

Vale has provided the Primary and Secondary School of Maguiguana (at vila de Cateme, Tete Province) with educational materials that will benefit 2,000 children who attend the educational institution. The action, which took place on Wednesday, May 13, allows students who are at home to have access to school supplies and continue their studies even with schools closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The material provided by Vale benefits students from the first to the seventh grade of the Cateme community and includes almost 4,000 educational books as well as cases with sharpeners, pencils, and erasers.

According to Afonso Manejo, the director of the school, “the lack of this material was affecting the teaching process at vila do Cateme. Upon learning about our difficulties in providing students with workbooks to continue their classes from home, Vale responded promptly with this valuable help."

Afonso Colher, the leader of the second echelon of Chipanga neighborhood, highlighted how this material has helped the community: “These school supplies come to help the learning process of students and reduce the burden for parents and guardians. We are, therefore, very grateful for the initiative.”

Simão Muhoro, Vale's Planning, Project, and Social Management manager, commented that “the action complies with the company's sustainability policy as a catalyst for local development, believing that supporting education is building a better future for the Mozambican society.” Despite the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, “Vale continues its actions to support human development, and, with the school supplies, those children continue to learn and develop skills to transform the future of Mozambique,” added Simão Muhoro.

Vale reaffirms its commitment to spare no effort to provide well-being for the communities surrounding its operations, thus contributing to the local development of the populations.

Mozambique: Vale provides school supplies for two thousand children from Vila de Cateme