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Digital Lab: understanding the new technologies coming to Vale


An environment focused on searching for and testing new technologies that can boost the company's results. Did you know you can find this at Vale? And it is all at your fingertips! The Digital Lab intends to promote the culture of innovation in our company with solutions that bring exponential results to the business.

“We apply the best of software engineering, design, technology and much more to change the way the company thinks about innovation and acceleration of ideas,” explains Filipe Baeta, Digital Lab leader in Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro). Ricardo Toledo, responsible for the Digital Lab branch in Vitória (Espírito Santo), adds: “In its nine months of existence, the Lab has some cases, such as a drill in Carajás whose control cable was twisted around the drill bit. After some studies, we created a prototype of the loRaONE that transfers information wirelessly.”

On Thursday 10/04, Digital Lab launched the Tech Talks, held in WeWork space in Rio de Janeiro with live transmission to the other locations in Brazil. The event will take place monthly – always with a partner – to discuss innovation and technology. The first guest was Google Cloud, that presented solutions such as Firebase, Analytics and Kubernete (learn more in the box below), which are being implemented at Vale.

“Two years ago, I was asked if it would be possible to point the tablet to a Vale truck and extract information, as a Pokémon Go,” comments Baeta. “Six months ago, we started performing tests and there are opportunities to put into practice, which will bring productivity gains.”

– Audience watching the Tech Talks

Some Numbers from the Digital Labs:

  • Over 90 professionals trained (in 2018)
  • One patent submitted
  • Four new platforms developed
  • Four custom devices created
  • Two Hackathons (hacker marathons) held
  • Thirty-nine sustainability-related innovation sessions (Greenhouse).

Learn more about the topics discussed.

Firebase is a platform to accelerate applications development for mobile devices. It includes real-time database, hosting, and storage on an integrated, secure, and modern platform.


Big Data & Analytics
GoogleCloud presented some of its solutions to capture, manipulate, and analyze large volumes of data, such as TensorFlow, Spark, Hadoop, DataFlow, etc.


Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration system that automates implementation, sizing, and management of container applications. GoogleCloud hosts and handles about 4 billion containers per month, and we are going to reveal its insights on how to use and get the most out of the technology.

Vale in the Industry 4.0

In 2016, Vale started deployment of a digital transformation program to adapt itself to the Industry 4.0. This will allow the company to promote integration among business areas around the world, reduce costs, simplify processes, increase productivity and operational efficiency, as well as achieve the highest health and safety levels. The program is based on four pillars: Analytics, integrated systems and chains, robotics, and standalone equipment. The company is using the Internet of Things, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and mobile applications, among other technological innovations.


Digital Lab: understanding the new technologies coming to Vale