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Oman: Vale and MOH sign Cooperation Agreement for furnishing Quarantine Center in North Al Batinah

Driven by its social pledges Vale Oman has signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Health to furnish the Drug Rehabilitation Center in Sohar to be operated by the ministry as quarantine and isolation space for people with COVID19 during the outbreak.

The center will be equipped based on a thorough risk and capacity assessment considering all medical equipment/facilities and basic amenities conducted with the Ministry of Health for around 400,000 USD and in reference to the latest available information on transmission and severity characteristics of COVID-19. As well as impact of containment measures at local, national and international levels.

This cooperation translates the company’s belief in the importance of supporting the Health Sector during the outbreak of this pandemic and driven by its social responsibility to support the local communities.

Adriano Mansk, Vale Oman CEO said, "Driven by our core value “Life matters most”, we firmly believe in our social commitments to meet the national call in defeating  this global pandemic and join the efforts with other public and private entities”.

We also commend the non-stopping efforts of the frontlines in the public  and private institutions under the guidance of the State Supreme Committee and we reaffirm our commitment to contribute to the socio-economic development of the Sultanate of Oman”, Mansk added. 

Since the inauguration of its operations in Oman in 2011, Vale Oman has worked closely with all stakeholders to contribute to the sustainable development and boost the national economy, starting from the establishment of Jusoor Foundation, extended to the implementation of series of sustainable social investments and volunteering programs under the company’s pillars of sustainability; Environment, Health and Education, Sports and Culture and Entrepreneurship.   


Oman: Vale and MOH sign Cooperation Agreement for furnishing Quarantine Center in North Al Batinah