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Vale Botanical Park in São Luís celebrates seventh anniversary and results

More than 680,000 people have visited the Park since it opened

In the month when we celebrate World Environment Day, the Vale Botanical Park in São s is also commemorating its seventh anniversary. Since it opened, in June 2008, the Park has received more than 680,000 visitors and is recognized as a valuable facility for environmental education, leisure, social, cultural and health activities.

Besides receiving people of all ages, the Botanical Park has the important function of preserving 100 hectares of native habitat. Those who take a hike around the Park’s ecological trails can see palm trees such as juçareira and buritizeiro, as well as other trees like a, pequiá and fava-de-rosca. “Our greatest motivation is to give everyone who comes here the opportunity to find out more about sustainability and for them to want to return here and take part in our activities,” says park supervisor Giselly Pinto.

Key figures from the Park’s seven years of activities
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680,000 visitors
446 events organized for communities
575 public school students from the Itaqui-Bacanga region took part in our Environmental Education Program in São Luís 5,112 children, young people and adults participated in our Environmental Education Program in locations along the Carajás Railway
Our Walking Program, which offers 400 places to residents of the Itaqui-Bacanga region, has been run for seven years 5,379 people have participated in our Participatory Planning Project at the Botanical Park and in the Itaqui-Bacanga region (exclusive activities for this region)
Only orchid house open to the public in São Luís

Nature Trails – three trails through the forest.
Self-guided Trail of the Senses – adapted trail suitable for people with disabilities and elderly people.
Training Centre – for internal and external events, with an auditorium capable of accommodating 200 people and three 50-person classrooms.
Open-air theatre – for internal and external events, with room for 350 people.
Three kiosks themed on the ecosystems of Maranhão
Vale Institutional Space
Orchid house – with 30 species and 300 specimens
Herb garden – with three botanical collections (dried plants, fruits and seeds), each containing 30 specimens
Snack bar
Environmental education workshop building
Two children’s playgrounds
Ecological library – with books, videos and toys
Administrative office


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Vale Botanical Park in São Luís celebrates seventh anniversary and results