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Vale Natural Reserve maintains title of Outpost of the Biosphere Reserve

Vale Natural Reserve (RNV), an Atlantic Forest protected area maintained by Vale in Linhares, Northern Espírito Santo, once again was awarded the title of Outpost of the Biosphere Reserve, recognition granted to areas considered relevant in terms of biodiversity conservation. To achieve the title of Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve (RBMA), these sites must develop and encourage activities with the purpose of conserving biodiversity; promote and disseminate traditional and scientific knowledge; and promote sustainable development. This is the third time that Vale Natural Reserve has maintained the qualification, which should be valid for the next few years.

The title is a recognition of the activities performed by the Reserve in fields of biodiversity protection, sustainable development and promotion of scientific and traditional knowledge. And RNV was homologated by these three functions, which makes us very happy”.

Márcio Santos Ferreira, supervisor at RNV

The importance of the Vale Natural Reserve for the conservation of the Atlantic Forest is also represented by the overlapping of several demarcated territories: Discovery Coast World Heritage Site - besides the title of Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve, by Unesco; Priority Area for Biodiversity Conservation; Protected Areas Mosaic of Foz do Rio Doce; Atlantic Forest Central Corridor and Sooretama-Goytacazes-Comboios Corridor, all granted by the Ministry of Environment, and also Important Bird Area and Endemic Bird Area, by BirdLife International.

In addition to the conservation of biological diversity, scientific research of great relevance to society is developed at RNV

Vale Natural Reserve

In addition to the conservation of biological diversity, scientific research is developed at RNV, which is important for society and are essential for the knowledge and management of the Tabuleiros Forest. Since it was acquired by Vale in the 1950s, more than 3 thousand plant species, more than 1,500 insect morphospecies and 102 mammal species have been cataloged in the Reserve, as well as 56 amphibians, 64 reptiles and 391 birds. Over the past 30 years, about 100 new plant species have been described based on research supported by RNV.

With approximately 23 thousand hectares, the Reserve is open to the public every day, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., offering walks on ecological trails and an Exhibition Center about the Atlantic Forest, in addition to several activities such as dynamics and workshops focused on sustainability. The place also offers a complete structure for conducting visits, events, training and courses.

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Ecosystem Protection

Next to the Vale Natural Reserve is the Sooretama Biological Reserve (Rebio Sooretama), with about 24 thousand hectares. The area is a federal conservation unit, managed by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio), which is protected with Vale’s support, especially with regard to protection against hunting and forest fires, the main environmental crimes suffered by these protected areas. 

As a result of Vale’s ecosystem protection actions performed both in RNV and in Rebio Sooretama, only last year, there were 185 occurrences of hunting, seizure of equipment, hunters, ammunition and hunting weapons. With the support of the Environmental Military Police, preventive blitzen have the purpose of reducing or neutralizing actions that generate negative impacts to the fauna and flora of the two reserves, which constitute the largest remnant of the Atlantic Forest at northern Espírito Santo, with almost 50 thousand hectares.


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Vale Natural Reserve maintains title of Outpost of the Biosphere Reserve