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Samba and theatre activities take place at Vale Botanical Park this weekend

Vale Botanical Park, Espírito Santo
Vale Botanical Park, Espírito Santo

This weekend, September 19 and 20, the fun world of children’s stories and the contagious rhythm of samba will meet at Vale Botanical Park as part of its program of activities for September.

The entertainment will start on Saturday (September 19), at 4 pm, with the theatre play The Three Little Pigs, performed by the Trupe Enarê group. In this version of the play, Mrs. Pig decides to go on a cruise, but before leaving she gives a mission to her three daughters, Toucinho, Pururuca and Super Pig: to build their own houses in the forest. The sisters then come up with sustainable architectural designs, all aimed at preserving natural resources. Toucinho builds a house out of straw, using natural objects from the forest and preserving the environment. Pururuca makes her house from sustainably grown wood. Super Pig, in turn, uses all her knowledge of technology to equip her house, made out of bricks, with clean power generators.

The big bad wolf then appears, and he has entirely unsustainable plans for the young sisters. What he doesn’t suspect, however, is that the small house builders will join forces to teach him a lesson. Once he has learned this lesson, the villain changes his ways and decides to become a vegetarian. The play, which mixes fantasy with sustainability, looks set to give the audience a fun time with lots of laughs.

Music in the Park Project
About Vale Botanical Park

The world of theatre will also feature prominently in the Music in the Park Project, which this month will celebrate Brazil’s most contagious rhythm: samba. The free event will take place on Sunday, September 20, from 9:30 am to 1 pm. It will start with a “Little Circus” show, whose plot is based on traditional Brazilian circus and theatre songs.

The show will tell the story of someone who, in his dreams, takes the form of various characters played by actor Shita Yamashita, including a circus owner, a wild beast tamer, a juggler, a clown and a trapeze artist. Despite being different, all these characters originate in the memories of a man who fell in love with a certain circus in his childhood.

At 11:30 am, the world of the imagination will give way to music, with a performance by Espírito Santo-born singer and composer Dennise Pontes. In a show lasting around one and a half hours, the artist will demonstrate her mastery of percussion instruments, the distinctive feature of her musical work. Entry is free.

Covering 33 hectares of green space, Vale Botanical Park is located within Tubarão Complex’s green belt. It is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, from 8 am to 5 pm, and entry is free.

Visitors have the opportunity to see the first permanent Garden of the Senses in the state of Espírito Santo, which is designed to stimulate the five senses and promote a different way of interacting with nature. The park also features the “Railcar of Knowledge,” a library with the capacity for 3,500 items installed in a railcar, including audiobooks for visually impaired people.

Vale Botanical Park is also home to the only orchid house in Greater Vitória open to the community, which now has more than 350 orchids of 113 species. Visitors to the park can also play in our children’s playground and go on ecological hikes around the restored forest area, which now features more than 140 Atlantic Forest tree types and some wild animals. You can also book a guided bus tour of Vale’s facilities in Tubarão.


What: Music in the Park Project show by singer and composer Dennise Pontes, Little Circus show, and Three Little Pigs theatre play

Where: Vale Botanical Park (address: Avenida dos Expedicionários, Jardim Camburi, near the Atlântica Ville residential condo)

When: Saturday and Sunday, September 19 and 20

Entry is free.


Samba and theatre activities take place at Vale Botanical Park this weekend