Terminal that transformed the history of our logistics turns 20 years old

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Terminal that transformed the history of our logistics turns 20 years old

Terminal de Grãos

The grain terminal at Tubarão Complex, in Vitória, the state capital of Espírito Santo, Brazil, celebrated its 20th year of operations on April 1. Named the Diverse Products Terminal and connected to the Vitória-Minas Railway (known by Portuguese acronym EFVM) and the BR-262 and BR-101 highways, it represented an expansion of the export logistics of Vale’s Southeast System in the 1990s.

It also reinforced our company’s presence in the transportation of bulk agricultural products. Another benefit of the new facility was the transformation of Brazil’s Center-East Corridor into one of the most efficient and economical exit routes for soybeans and other agricultural products to the European and Japanese markets.

Work on the new terminal included the installation of conveyor belts and weighing scales, as well as the adjustment of structures that were part of an old pig iron unloading system. Efforts to improve logistics in the Southeast System would enable the handling of approximately 5.5 million metric tons per year and would contribute to the milestone of 2 billion metric tons of iron ore cumulatively transported along the EFVM’s tracks since its opening.

With the opening of the terminal, larger Capesize ships (carrying up to 170,000 metric tons) began to be partially loaded at other ports, such as Santos and Paranaguá, and later sent to Tubarão to complete their loading at Pier III.


With the opening of Pier III at Tubarão in 1998, Vale now had a quay focused exclusively on general goods, and so it was possible to separate the loading of grains and ore. The aim was to expand grain exports to around 3 million metric tons per year. Later, with the construction of Pier IV, integrated logistics facilities with the Vitória-Minas Railway were created for the unloading, dispatching and transportation of fertilizers.

Currently, Pier III alone ships out approximately 5.2 million metric tons of grains per year, while Pier IV unloads 1.4 million metric tons of fertilizers and coal per year.


Terminal that transformed the history of our logistics turns 20 years old