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Tips on Working from Home with Children

​The coronavirus pandemic has suddenly changed how we live our daily lives. These changes include social distancing, restricted contact with friends, working from home, and closure of schools. The whole family needs to flexible to adapt to new routines, with parents having to fit in work around children and keep them entertained while carrying out household tasks.

They should explain to their kids the importance of what they are doing and find ways to keep them busy with puzzles, games, books, and movies. However, it might be hard to make the younger children understand that everyone is together at home as a precautionary measure.

As parents juggle between watching the kids at home and doing their jobs, the best thing to do is to ask them to help in simple, age appropriate tasks. The older ones can do the dishes or sweep the house while the younger ones help their parents in the kitchen.

Tips for Everyday Life

  • Dedicate blocks of time throughout the day for your kids.
  • Take the opportunity to enjoy family meals together at home.
  • Explain to your older children what is going on in the world and the importance of confinement. You may assign some tasks to them, like caring for younger siblings. It is important for them to feel responsible and independent.
  • Movie nights with popcorn are a great option to entertain them and take your mind off the news.
  • Encourage playful activities such as Lego, board games or puzzles to avoid too much screen time.
  • Colored pencils, playdough, writing letters, gouache painting or cutting and gluing and collage activities are great pastimes that will keep your children focused and motivated.
  • There are many ways to burn energy besides playing with the ball. Use your creativity: sock skating, paper war, treasure hunting, and even planting. And when they are done playing, remember to teach them the importance of cleaning up and putting away.

Kids Will Be Kids

Children can get easily bored and frustrated no matter how well you’ve planned. This is the time to practice patience. When you need silence, during a meeting for example, explain the importance of not being interrupted and ask them to wait until you are done.

After finishing the task, spend a few minutes with them. This will make your day more productive and will keep the family closer.


Tips on Working from Home with Children