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Positions for the Vocational Training Program in Pará

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Vale is now accepting applications for the Vocational Training Program (known by Portuguese acronym PTP) in Pará. There are 382 positions available at Carajás and Salobo and 105 at the Serra Leste (“Eastern Hills”) Project in Curionópolis.

Participants will receive vocational training in the areas of Plant Operations, Mine Operations, Welding, Vulcanization, Mechanics, Electro-Electronics, and Electro-Mechanics. The training will be divided into two phases: theoretical (two to five months) and practical (six to twelve months). In the latter phase, the trainees will have the opportunity to apply, at Vale, the knowledge they have learned in the classroom. After the training, the participants will join Vale’s database of professionals and may be hired in line with the demands of the company’s business areas.

To apply, candidates must be over 18 and they must have completed high school. For classes in Carajás and Salobo, you must apply online between November 1 and 13. For vacancies for the Serra Leste (“Eastern Hills”) Project, candidates may apply online or in person at the address given below, on November 12 or 13.

1. Resume analysis

2. Online test

3. Group interview

4. Group exercise/Technical interview with managers

5. Psychological test

6. Medical exams

7. Admission

Candidates can be eliminated at any stage of the selection process.

  • Must be over 18;
  • Must have completed high school;
  • Must live in Carajás, Salobo, Curionópolis or Vila de Serra Pelada.

During the theoretical stage, candidates will receive a R$600-scholarship from Senai. Candidates that advance to the practical stage, which will take place at Vale’s operational areas, will receive a salary of R$1,250 to R$1,470 as well as benefits such as medical care, dental care, transport allowance, food allowance and life insurance. A working day in each of the stages is 8 hours.

Positions in Carajás and Salobo

The online application period will be open from November 1—13. Click here to apply.

Positions for Serra Leste (“Eastern Hills”) Project in Curionópolis

Candidates can apply in person on November 12 or 13. You can apply online or in person, presenting your identity card (RG), taxpayer number card (CPF) and high school graduation certificate.


1. Casa do Professor, Avenida Nova República – Centro, Vila de Serra Pelada

2. Casa do Professor, Rua Tucupi / Rua Minas Gerais, Curionópolis


Positions for the Vocational Training Program in Pará