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Vale signs partnership with University of Vila Velha for construction of a virtual railroad maintenance platform

Photos: Brenda Linhares

Vale, the University of Vila Velha (UVV) and the Science and Technology Support Foundation (Facto) have signed a scientific and technological cooperation agreement that provides for the development of software for the graphic manipulation of parts of railroad maintenance equipment. The tool will be used in the training of technical personnel qualified to act in the maintenance and handling of its components. The solemnity took place on the campus of the university and was attended by representatives of all parties involved.

The initiative also provides for the creation of a 3D virtual platform. With this, an interactive environment will be built, addressing subjects useful to Vale’s railroad maintenance sector, among them, observation of problems and use of maintenance procedures (preventive, predictive and corrective), implemented in an interactive way.

“For us, this type of partnership is very important. I worked in the industry and joined the academia gradually, and I always thought there was little connection between these parts. Signing a partnership like this helps us teach our students the practical part we cannot do inside our houses. So we prepare them better for the reality of the labor market”, said the dean of UVV, Heráclito Amâncio Pereira. “Our challenge is to use theoretical knowledge in order to bring solutions to industry issues. We are excited and very grateful for the trust placed in our institution”, he added.

According to the manager of Logistics Training and Technology, Jorge Fernandes, “the creation of an environment of common gains, such as this type of agreement, is a disruptive and challenging process for all”. “It involves many expectations of those involved and the great responsibility to contribute to the dream of transforming Espírito Santo into a great technological center, adding willingness and competence with the mutual support between company and academia”, he added.

Innovating Goes Beyond

Innovating Goes Beyond is a campaign created by Vale that focuses on innovation and the constant evolution of the company. The idea is to show that the innovation concept goes far beyond the creation of new technologies. Innovating involves thinking differently, proposing changes and always seeking evolution. Among the purposes of the campaign is the reinforcement of practices and values that point to the future of mining, which involves proximity to communities, listening skills and the construction of win-win relationships.

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Vale signs partnership with University of Vila Velha for construction of a virtual railroad maintenance platform